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  1. Cybertruck sold out until 2027

    The production issues are not related to the Model Y itself. In Austin the limiting factor is the ramp of 4680 cells. Berlin is dependent upon China for 2170 battery packs so Shanghai's COVID lockdown inevitably had repercussions. That said they definitely won't be making 250k CT's the first...
  2. How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Yeah this is pretty much identical to what's on the Model X already, they just didn't try to make the button look like a door handle.
  3. Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    That but instead of moving side to side make it move up and down. The magnetic "rails" would be on the edges where the black bands on the glass are located. It would rest at the top (above the light bar) and the wiper could have a slotted gap shaped in such a way as to redirect airflow to reduce...
  4. Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    Very disappointing if it ends up looking like that, the unique marble countertop look on the original CT was far cooler, this looks like any other dashboard.
  5. 🤠 LIVESTREAMING NOW: Cyber Rodeo Event Featuring Cybertruck

    All of the CT's that were on display had a curved windscreen, there's a distinct bubble effect.
  6. NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    Yeah that's the original prototype, you can tell because it looks far better.
  7. BREAKING! Cybertruck Spotted On Site at Austin Giga Factory for Cyber Rodeo

    I'd bet there will be no rides, far too many people invited for that to happen. Will be just static display of the prototypes.
  8. Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    Agreed, however that area is less vulnerable to what I mentioned than the bed floor. I wasn't referring to the current design, I was referring to a situation where the bed wall is folded down and thus the slot on the bed floor is exposed. I don't see the issue of a toolbox being over it...
  9. Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    If they do a mid gate I can see dust/soil and small debris being a design challenge as it could fall into the slot when the mid gate is down and gunk up the tonneau storage area. However the toolbox example makes no sense to me. It's quite clear the tonneau cover runs through the middle of the...
  10. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    I've been thinking about it also, they should offer it as an option by replacing the center seat with a square-ish block of the same shape and that mounts in the same way so that it can easily be interchanged on the assembly line.
  11. Giga Texas Employee Speaks out on CT

    As others have mentioned previously no other unibody vehicle has a payload of 3500lbs and can tow 14,000lbs. I don't work in the steel industry so I might be wrong but the fact that it would have to be cold rolled down to 3mm instead of the 4.0 & 3.6mm currently being used on Starship is...
  12. Musk says 4680 Pack in the Model Y is “Next Level”

    Further confirmation on them not starting with performance Model Y's only:
  13. Musk says 4680 Pack in the Model Y is “Next Level”

    That's what I was thinking also but it doesn't appear to be the case given several Austin made non-performance Model Y's have been spotted. Weird because having Austin make the Model Y performance at first would make a whole lot of sense. It's a lower volume trim compared to LR which means it...
  14. Side sail area?

    Yeah they have an enormous amount of space under the dashboard with the way the windshield is sloped. Frunk could probably extend this far back:
  15. Side sail area?

    By the way what's this diagonally placed black box in the render?
  16. Rumors of Two Cybertruck Versions (Including Smaller "Wolverine") & March Reveal Event

    US mid-size truck market is far bigger than that of the EU, so if they were to produce one it would still be in the US.
  17. Side sail area?

    Thanks for taking the time! An optional slide out kitchen in the frunk is a fantastic idea, much better than having it take space in the bed as showcased in Tesla's official renders. I wonder if they just didn't think of putting it there or maybe it could be an issue for crash safety?
  18. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Doubt it. Cybertruck unveil was November 2019, battery day September 2020. That's only a 10 month difference.
  19. Cybertruck prototype spotted again on Fremont track. (2/7/2022)

    You're right, not sure how I've missed that. Where did you get the 234" length though? Here's the original tweet: "Btw, in some prior tweets I’d said production Cybertruck would be ~80” wide (vs ~84” body width at unveil). This is slightly too small. Will be closer to 82”, but come standard...