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  1. Sirfun

    How GM sold Amerca to become China Motors

    I've been seeing lots of threads that talk about GM and their EV plans. I wanted to post this video series, but felt this deserves its own Thread. GM over the years has made some bizarre choices that they are paying dearly for. This series of videos are enlightening!
  2. Sirfun

    Todd the Cybertruckguy interview

    A little over an hour long, but lots of really good information, instead of all the FUD. I always like Todd. One of the reasons is because he does a very good job of discussing what is known, and avoids getting into rumors.
  3. Sirfun

    Fords bag of tricks revealed

    Yesterday the first retail (INVITED) reservation holders were given access to the configurator to order their choice of lighting Electric trucks. Electrek has an article explaining some tricks Ford has in store for customers interested in THEIR Lighting. Basically they have announced a...
  4. Sirfun

    Tesla Megapack in Oxnard

    Tesla posted a video today about the new Megapack in Oxnard. I live near the power plant they decommissioned, and a lot of people really fought installing a new Peaker plant. It was very exciting to see the future is looking brighter. BTW, I found it on Google Earth and there's a pretty...
  5. Sirfun

    elon musk phineas and ferb

    With Elon's new haircut, it's obvious there's some kind of connection. BTW Phineas and Ferb are rocket scientists, and they sent their moms station wagon into space way back in 2008. You think Elon may have picked up on that idea of sending a car into space? With a little green hair dye Elon...
  6. Sirfun

    It's 12/9 now what?

    Nobody has said anything, so I decided to start a conversation. The Tesla stock is taking a pretty good hit at this point, and Barron's says it's because people were anticipating a split or big news. Thoughts? Personally, I hadn't put much anticipation and was in wait and see mode. Kinda like...
  7. Sirfun

    The quad motor / Plaid Cybertruck first makes sense

    Tesla/ Elon's announcement of a new higher priced version of the Cybertruck makes perfect sense. It's the same thing Lucid, Rivian, and even GM with the Hummer are doing. They all know when you first go into production you don't have the skills and knowledge, so come out with the highest profit...
  8. Sirfun

    GIGA TEXAS size is ??

    I'm a retired construction worker and do graphics as a hobby. It amazes me how quickly Giga Texas is being built. I've had 35 years of being on job sites all over California, and nothing comes close to the scale and speed of this project. Lots of people on this Forum act like they are dragging...
  9. Sirfun

    Latest in Apocalypse technology

    Jay Leno takes a drive in the Apocalypse 6x6
  10. Sirfun

    Fun series of videos on the Solar Challenge in the Outback

    Very entertaining video series about the 2000-mile race of solar-powered vehicles in the Australian Outback.
  11. Sirfun

    Did you notice the Cybertruck has built in steps?

    All the time I hear people say the Cybertruck with the slanted sails will make it imposible to reach into the bed from the side of the truck. I just noticed the black areas around the Cybertruck have built in Step points so you can access all around it and into the bed. Even to get to the...
  12. Sirfun

    Tesla Please Do This

    Tesla doesn't do advertising and I agree with that. But, I really think they need to add videos like this, to their YouTube channel. KEEP THE STOKE!!!!!!!! I want a Cybertruck and I'm not interested in a Rivian. But Damn this video was SWEET!
  13. Sirfun

    Elon says battery cell production is a constraint. (what about other companies)

    At the 4th quarter earnings meeting a couple days ago, Elon made a statement about Battery constraint holding Tesla back from making the Semi. “The main reason we’ve not accelerated new products is — like for example Tesla Semi — is that we simply don’t have enough cells for it. If we were to...
  14. Sirfun

    Before you consider other EV's, consider this!

    After seeing the news that Ford was talking trash on Tesla today I did a little research. Ford brags about having FordPass charging network, so I thought Id do a comparison of Mach-E vs. Model Y on . So I set up a trip from Oxnard(my hometown) to Denver. These are just...
  15. Sirfun

    Ford Hybrid F150 used as a generator

    TFL posted this video bragging about how the new Ford F150 Hybrid can be used as a generator. I'm curious how this would compare to using an actual generator. Basically this $70,000 truck is just sitting there burning fuel at a 1500rpm idle for hours on end. In addition you get exhaust, carbon...
  16. Sirfun

    Tesla is like In-N-Out

    I'm sure lots of people on this site have never heard of In-N-Out. If you haven't, I provided photos. In-N-Out is a fast food chain in California and the Southwest of the USA. They have a massive following, it's extremely rare to get there without lines of people waiting to get food. Tesla is a...
  17. Sirfun

    Tesla speedometer calibration

    Since Tesla's are almost a laptop on 4 wheels, I'm wondering if there could be a mode/setting that re-calibrates Speedometer and Odometer? With all the different wheel and tire combinations available, it seems like this would be something Tesla should do. I would think it would be easy. The...
  18. Sirfun

    Beautiful image of Tesla's future

    Apparently Tesla parked their future vehicles for display at the shareholders meeting at Fremont. I don't know who took this photo but wow the future looks Great!
  19. Sirfun

    Osborne Effect

    Here's a link to explain it. Other people have expressed how Tesla needed to avoid the Osborne Effect. After battery day yesterday and all the conversations since, it seems this should be part of the conversations. It does seem like They brought up...