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  1. Albern

    Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    I would think that it's a combination of "why not" and as a way to gauge global market interest. Because CT is so new, there's no way to know for sure where it'll stick most given regional tastes and regulations. Now they have a much clearer picture.
  2. Albern

    SpaceX - Welding Stainless Steel, Lessons Learnt, and Applications to CyberTruck

    Cool video by Primal Space on SpaceX's manufacturing history with stainless steel and the Starship program. I'm sure there will be a lot of lessons learnt that will be applied to CT. As I've commented here before, in one of the Everyday Astronaut interviews with Elon, there was a portion that...
  3. Albern

    Tesla launches competition to design Cyberquad ATV’s battery pack

    To me this is a good sign of several things: 1) The CyberATV is coming (as presented at reveal night) 2) CT's bed would likely be at least 6' in order to accommodate CyberATV as a pairing option. I'm sill hoping for a 6.5' bed as it'll be the largest among other EV trucks. Fun fact - The...
  4. Albern

    Solving the Big Truck, Small Garage Problem

    Stay in school kidz, caus it's cool!!! :D I'm in the process of buying a new house and if I have this predicament, I'll just keep the garage door open and let Cybertruck hang loose.
  5. Albern

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    Don't forget about the Federal Luxury Tax that was imposed at the start of this year. 10% Levy at $100,000 + 20% Levy for any amount above $100,00.01. Meaning that a $135,000 CT would have an added Luxury Tax of $17,000 CAD ($10,000 + $7,000) (in addition to HST/GST, delivery, etc...). Unless...
  6. Albern

    37” tires option would be great

    Thanks so much @Dusty !!! Nice to see that there are rental options available - you guys get all the fun. 😂 In Ontario, there's a few trails and crown lands but nothing compared to what's in British Colombia. And yes I totally agree with your mentality - I'm more about overlanding and the...
  7. Albern

    37” tires option would be great

    Great points. I didn't even think about the insurance aspect. I think this is why people in the 4X4 clubs were insisting that I use my own vehicle rather than renting someone else's. As a result, I may look into ATV rentals just to at least get started. Putting down my CT deposit is what got...
  8. Albern

    Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    I haven't minded the BAW when we first saw it. After CyberRodeo, more people seem to have accepted it; along with the overall look and size of the CT. Nonetheless there's always room for improvement. One good realization of BAW is that it is actually comprised of 2 shorter off-the-shelf wipers...
  9. Albern

    37” tires option would be great

    Thanks so much for the insight, I really appreciate it!!! Actually as someone with no off-road experience and in anticipation of CT I wanted to start learning how to wheel this year. My plan was to rent an off-road capable vehicle (e.g. Jeep Wrangler) and take it out on a few novice trails. I...
  10. Albern

    37” tires option would be great

    I'm happy that Tesla has been slowing giving us the features that most of us seem to want. I'm perfectly content with 35s as I won't be doing any extremely technical off-roading in the foreseeable future. Having the option to up-size is nice though. The HUMVEE had 35s and CT having similar...
  11. Albern

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    As it currently stands, I think CT's door operation is similar to the Ford Mach-E.
  12. Albern

    How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    My guess and hope for production is that the doors, frunk, tailgate, and ramp are electro-mechanical like the Model X; with facial recognition as another credential. I had a dream that I was in a war zone with my CT and I got out to stealthly look around. I would use a combination of...
  13. Albern

    Cybertruck's folding mid gate and roll-down rear window confirmed!

    Great photo but I can't tell if it's a mid-gate or not, nor whether the rear windscreen folds into the mid-gate wall. I'm glad they kept the t-slots all along both sides. Assuming it's a vent hole on the top forward corner of the left sale, it looks like the tie-down point from the OG CT that...
  14. Albern

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    Unfortunately I wasn't there. From all of the media that I saw, none of the CTs had the curved roof. It could be the case that 4WS is either inactive or not on these builds. There was a blurry video of one at a 3rd party vehicle test centre last year. To the best of my knowledge, the public...
  15. Albern

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    To clarify 2 points I made previously: 1) There were 3 CTs at the event. The OG CT was there but didn't make an official appearance 2) The pair of bars at the front and rear of one of the CTs was used to move it around as it is not fully operational.
  16. Albern

    MULTIPLE Cybertrucks on site at Giga Texas this morning for Cyber Rodeo!

    The OG CT was there as well but didn't make an appearance for the actual event. Nonetheless, that makes 3.
  17. Albern

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    The driver IP is real and it's spectacular!!
  18. Albern

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    Also regarding tire size. The CT on the platform is wearing the following: 35"s on 20" wheels. 😲😀🤠