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  1. Just watched the Tesla Crash Course episode from the Times...Thoughts?

    I believe he’s referring to: "The New York Times Presents Elon Musk's Crash Course" premieres May 20 at 10 p.m. ET on FX and Hulu. I searched Hulu and found this:
  2. Where will $TSLA be at Cybertruck Release

    Yes. I’m from the mindset of, If you’re gonna make up numbers, make up big ones.
  3. Where will $TSLA be at Cybertruck Release

    I was going to say $420.69 after TWO 5:1 splits. :)
  4. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    I”m guessing @ajdelange is ignoring @Crissa.
  5. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    Oh wow. I guess I must have. Sorry for being so wrong an thank you for correcting me.
  6. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    In his defense, I don't recall a time when he gaslighted.
  7. Cyber Camper concept for Cybertruck

    That's a good idea in theory, but people don't realize how hard it is to keep them flying all the time.
  8. Experts Munro & Justise review Ford F150 Lightning EV Assembly Line

    For what it's worth, I never had problems getting service on my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid from my local Ford dealer. Granted, I never had any issues with anything on the electric part of the hybrid. Actually, other than oil changes, I never had issues with the gas part either. Had issues with 4...
  9. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    Not disagreeing with you. I believe everything you said is true. Just want to add that although on a whole that is true, regionally, I believe there are some big swings from that. When I get my CT it will be my only vehicle. Right now in my family the closest thing to a "car" is my Jeep...
  10. Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    STOP!!!! Don't give Elon any more ideas until after I get my CT. :)
  11. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    The reason I pointed out you were trolling is @SwampNut stated 120VAC charger could not supply 4-6kW needed by the HVAC. He was 100% correct. There was nothing wrong with that statement. It was completely true and we all understood what he meant. Then you changed the topic from power to...
  12. Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    Same here. I'm not wanting the CT because of its looks. I want the CT in spite of its looks. If Tesla could make the truck look like a conventional truck but still be 3mm Stainless, still have 500 miles range, still ... (list all CT specs here), and still sell for $40k, $50k and $70K I'd...
  13. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    In case it wasn't clear. It was not @SwampNut that I was calling a troll.
  14. New Cybertruck Ready/ Tow friendly Supercharger spotted

    Is this similar to the question, if all the stalls are occupied except the handicapped stall, can you use it? There's always the risk that the other stalls leave while you're still in the handicapped stall, then someone in a wheel chair comes in and sees all the stalls empty except the one he...
  15. What Wall Charger to Buy???

    I see our troll is back.
  16. Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    I'm hoping my ~400k position in line will also get a me CT that has all the bugs fixed that @Crissa , @Ogre and the rest of you first day pre-order people find. :)
  17. Cybertruck sold out until 2027

    Good Question. I've heard Tesla is good about getting you a replacement in that scenario but I hadn't seen anything official, just hear-say. That is the main reason I forked out another $100 almost a year after my first pre-order. I figured $100 is fairly cheap way of making sure I didn't...
  18. How do I retrieve my reservation number?

    You might also be able to find it in your emails. Search for an email from "[email protected]"
  19. Tesla TOken???

    I feel like this is a good place for the Phillip J. Fry "TAKE MY MONEY" meme. But decided against it as it's borderline overused. Especially on this site. Possibly, mostly by me. :)