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  1. Tesla launches competition to design Cyberquad ATV’s battery pack

    You would like Worksport TerraVis system does exactly what you said.
  2. Tesla launches competition to design Cyberquad ATV’s battery pack

    Pair up with Worksport. It is a Canadian company They have a hot swappable system that charges the batteries not in use the a solar tonneau cover Lots of multi use possibilities
  3. Strong Non-Tesla EV presence at the 2022 New York International Auto Show

    Then I saw the second one i saw one when I was in Tampa last week near the airport. It was the “moon” color.
  4. Rumors of Two Cybertruck Versions (Including Smaller "Wolverine") & March Reveal Event

    If by some long shot this is true. Hoping to have the ability to switch reservation to smaller version. I think this could be done with Tesla parameters if the new version is just an extension of the of the larger size. For example it could be like choosing a long range vs performance. It could...
  5. Cybertruck is not like the others - Elon Musk

    you will just walk up to the wrong cybertruck. You can get it in any color just as long as it is stainless steel.
  6. Biden Wants Extra Incentive For Union-Built Electric Cars—Which Would Exclude Teslas

    I would consider the CT1 and then get the Model 2. Would probably run the same price as CT2 with the incentives and I would have a smaller car when going into the city.
  7. Will the Cybertruck Provoke Violence?

    New Orleans is like Popeyes Fried chicken looks good, you may even get a craving but when you’re done you feel sick to your stomach, regret having it and it is hard to wash the smell off you. Lol. Then time goes by and you do it agin lol
  8. Will the Cybertruck Provoke Violence?

    I moved down 7 years ago and live outside the city In Jefferson Parish. I know exactly what you mean. Was that the shooting at the car wash? Have to be more specific. (More sarcasm). It really is a shame. Went down St Charles and saw the amazing house floats. There is a lot of pride but the...