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  1. SparkChaser

    Einride Trailer adds range to EV truck

    Make the trailer carry the battery and you can really extend the range. Einride Trailer Comes With 350kWh Battery To Add 400 Miles Of Range (
  2. SparkChaser

    Tesla TOken???

    So it says if you own a Tesla Token you will be one of the first to receive the truck. WTF???
  3. SparkChaser

    Rivian sighting

    I followed and circled a Green Rivan for about 30 mins while Driving on 280 Northbound between San Jose and San Francisco. I was surprised that it seemed smaller. I was in my 2000 Ford Ranger XLT and I think it was pretty close in size. The bed seems very short. I am envious of the gear locker...
  4. SparkChaser

    Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas

    Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas (
  5. SparkChaser

    Multiple Battery "Options"?

    Tesla Now Has Multiple Battery Options: Which One Should You Choose? ( Not so sure it is an Option. You may be able to rig some of the outcome and possible delay a delivery in order to try for a Texas vehicle or later battery.
  6. SparkChaser

    Berlin Opens

    Dancing Musk hands drivers first Teslas from new German gigafactory | Reuters
  7. SparkChaser

    <EDIT>Tesla Giga Texas (Not TULSA) Grand Opening set for April 7th

    In a news article about Musk giving a tour to the US Labor secretary, the date was given for the grand opening. Elon Musk gives Labor secretary tour of Tesla's Gigafactory Texas (
  8. SparkChaser

    Defamation Suit filed

    This is only the filing and not a proven case. I hope that it is not signs of a deeper problem. Horrific allegations of racism prompt California lawsuit against Tesla - Los Angeles Times (
  9. SparkChaser

    Texas giga factory started production

    Preproduction in Texas???? Model Y being set up and fixture testing?
  10. SparkChaser

    Best State to receive a Cyber Truck?

    Looking for advantages in receiving the CT. Any benefits to getting it in another state? I live in California so I 'm sure the state will take its share but is there and delivery charge or destination fees that could be avoided or reduced?