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  1. Is $TSLA going to 600.00?

    Was hoping for 600 but buckled and bought some at 650. With this market it might go back down to 600 again, in turn I’ll buy again….. but low on cash now lol!
  2. Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    Inventory for legacy Dino burners are measured in days on the lot, Tesla days on lot is………ZERO, nothing, zilch, NADA!!!!
  3. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    CT isn’t a 3d rendering with multiple prototypes moving on their own power, not rolled down hill. Tesla already reached 1 million units EV annualized production rate last year so……how does that compare to the “competition”? We all know why CT is delayed but even with global logistical challenge...
  4. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    Well, Nikola did exactly what you said with just some renderings and rolling a “prototype” down the hill so……….maybe just another scam? They’ve been promising promises for how many years and haven’t made a single producible batteries? Not calling them a fraud(yet) but until their technology can...
  5. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    Everyone except Tesla have learned well from Nikola! Let’s see how good the 3d renderings look this fall.
  6. Why 2022 April $TSLA sell-off ? Answer: Elon SOLD Tesla shares to help fund Twitter buy.

    I knew Elon was selling just by the volume and Twitter news. Don’t care about prices except I am sad that I’m pretty tapped out buying at the moment. By the time CT comes out I’m sure it will be at least 2500 dollars a share.
  7. "GM says it will produce electric Chevrolet Corvettes"

    electric corvette would be awesome indeed! GM will start to build them as soon as they build a couple more Bolts and Hummers.
  8. Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    Got 2 by accident, Tesla site was crazy busy. If I can’t flip one to offset the cost for another I will just sell to friends who doesn’t have a place in line but by then my SUV/baby wagon might need replacing at this rate and LR dual motor at 60k would be awesome. im sure Tesla’s agreement is...
  9. Gates shorts $TSLA?

    Stocks go up and then go down just like the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Granted macro environment isn’t favorable but Tesla will be one of very few shinning spots in a sea of dark red. Whatever you do just try not to buy high and sell low.
  10. $TSLA WOW! DOWN $122.O8 %-12.18!

    There is not real reason Tesla goes down like that, if you got cash then buy a few shares, Q2 could be stupid good. The Wall Street still could not understand how stupid good Q1 is, they simply can not accept Tesla can do what it does even though the data is clear as it can be.
  11. Solving the Big Truck, Small Garage Problem

    Wow! Imaging getting in and out of the CT at that angle and height!
  12. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    yes, MPG was a lot better, maintenance is cheaper but not really by that much besides brake pads. Oil changes were only slightly cheaper, tires are about the same. Had to do cooling system flush for 2 systems, transmission fluid change Was the same……basically same as a normal compact car...
  13. LFP Cybertruck

    👆👆👆 that! Also we all know circle has more volume for the same circumference than any other shape especially long rectangles. blade batteries sounds like a good idea but can’t beat cylinders for capacity volume wise if you factor in the mass for casing. Lithium batteries also been researched...
  14. LFP Cybertruck

    Doubt LFP will make it into CT any time soon. This is the very beginning of LFP research and it has potential to get close to lithium batteries eventually but won’t be for a few years. Maybe Tesla will make even bigger 6990 LFP cells down the road.
  15. The future might be privately owned Cybertrucks and Robotaxi cars - Will Tesla Robotaxis make private car ownership obsolete?

    No, private car ownership will not die or won’t be till I die. This is America, we demand choices damn it!
  16. Gates shorts $TSLA?

    Anyone who short Tesla can suck it! Fortunately it will not make any difference because Tesla is simply that amazing. Like the good old saying, bet against Elon at your own peril. Maybe giving money to others in the stock market is Bill’s idea of philanthropy?!?!?
  17. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    as a previous owner of 3 hybrids I have to agree. It has complexity and maintenance of 2 systems! Fortunately the Toyota version are very reliable but still had to change oil and horrible driving experience. Once you go Tesla, you can’t go back!