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  1. mrbulk

    My Plan to Net a $99 Per Month Payment on a Cybertruck

    If the CT comes with interior video cams you could then have them sign a disclosure (you are being filmed, speeds and mechanical functions of truck are being computer logged, you are responsible for any damages ... blah blah) then I might consider Turo'ing my CT as well.
  2. mrbulk

    Transferable FSD?

    Unfortunately I think the formula is whichever way they can legally delete it from the car after sale, then charge a new fee for the next owner, is the way they will do it. They have to get to Mars, you see. :LOL: (and crush the shorts out of existence)
  3. mrbulk

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Should be fine after the first few weeks of all the lookers and touchers getting their fill while filling up your Sentry Mode media storage.
  4. mrbulk

    Are Tesla orders shipped in the order in which you ordered?

    I'm not sure, but I sure would like to know for sure. 🤣 (see what I did there? sorry OP, I couldn't resist!) 😅
  5. mrbulk

    Material of bumpers and wheel well covers?

    Agree with you 100% in principle buddy. But that would work perfect only in straight-on impacts. Bumper could also be sideswiped by a passing car behind you as you backed out, etc., so maybe there is some solution that incorporates both your idea plus some other? But good idea nonetheless.
  6. mrbulk

    Bluetooth keyboard usage with Cybertruck display

    This is an excellent idea. With a holster somewhere for the keyboard when not needed. In fact I could see the day some people start telecommuting from inside their CTs. Wake up, get coffee, walk into the garage and you're at work...
  7. mrbulk

    What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    I hope they are jaw-droppingly surprised when the CT actually comes out.
  8. mrbulk

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    I for one would like to know how they will produce the CT body panels. Score, bend then weld as Sandy Munro said, or something else? This is gonna be uncharted mfg. technology especially considering the volume production required, with these panels actually forming the very skeleton upon which...
  9. mrbulk

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    I wonder how many of these they'll sell, after already announcing their upcoming EV truck...?
  10. mrbulk

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Yeah - now why would anyone willingly PAY for the complexity and potential liabilities of TWO power sources? Plus the added complexity of the switching mechanism in between to blend them optimally during driving? Sorry, for me it's always been simplest is best if it gets the job done. And a...
  11. mrbulk

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Funny but could Hoes be spelled, "Ho's" for clarity? Haw!:ROFLMAO:
  12. mrbulk

    Tesla Analyst Estimates 'Staggering' 650K Cybertruck Preorders

    ...yikes thanks for predicting my future...:D
  13. mrbulk

    CyberTruck vs Rivian on Battery Tech?

    Yes, if they buy their batteries from CATL in China...
  14. mrbulk

    Tesla Analyst Estimates 'Staggering' 650K Cybertruck Preorders

    I need mine sooner, the Model S lease expires in March 2021 . . . otherwise I may be forced into being tempted by a Model Y during the interim . . . which the wifey would get when the CT does comes out . . . but financially better to just go from Model S to CT although it doesn't look that...
  15. mrbulk

    What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    AWWW man - I certainly hope it CAN!!!
  16. mrbulk

    What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    After riding around in it She will become the obsessed one.
  17. mrbulk

    What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    ...have an exhaust sound...
  18. mrbulk

    Auto Insurance on the Cybertruck

    ...maybe just until they can get more crash data, both from testing and ... real world :oops:
  19. mrbulk

    Airless Tires For Offroad?

    Saw the idea years ago, but now it looks like this recent video shows Michelin and General Tire partnering up to really make THIS. Would seem ideal for offroading with no issue of flats - dependent on how durable the tech turns out to be.
  20. mrbulk

    What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    There are many posts about what the CT can do, like go camping, load up most anything, out accelerate a Porsche, etc. But is there anything a Cybertruck CANNOT do? I'll start: Park in a Compact Stall :cool: