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  1. Tesla Austin Cybertruck Factory Presentation Reveals 5,000 Jobs and 20 Years of Rebates

    Well the Austin location is only a few miles from my house, so I may just walk over there and pick mine up when its ready.
  2. Full Video: Cybertruck Featured on Jay Leno's Garage

    I would imagine that you wouldn't be able to open the vault cover while the access gate to the vault from the cab was open. This is a no brainier in my opinion since it can be controlled with a mechanical safety switch.
  3. Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    As a Texan, I would rather have them build a factory here, but from Elon's point of view, Joplin, MO isn't a bad option. It may not have the same talent pool you have in Austin, but the availability of all american blue collar workers (you know, the guys who actually do the work) is much...
  4. Name your Cybertruck

    Ours will be named 'Max K-9'
  5. Engineering Explained: F-150 better than Cybertruck for towing duty (over distance)

    I had a 2003 Dodge 3500 dually (with a 30 gallon tank) that I used to carry a 13000 lb 5th wheel all over the county. I usually kept my speed under 65 mph, and I would get around 10 mpg efficiency. That same truck would get around 24 mpg efficiency when driving the same speed without a trailer...