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  1. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    Haha, I'm confident the NHTSA will allow camera systems to replace physical mirrors. But I'm not confident it will be approved by the time CT rolls off the line. The NHTSA had an open forum of sorts and heard comments from the public. The comments cutoff date was 12/9/19 and it's been...
  2. Connecticut Cybertruck Owners

    There is a possibility that only the doors will be that 30X series SS. Elon specifically singled out the doors on that Leno episode. The rest of the vehicle may still be SS just not the fancy kind lol. I would be worried the panels won't visually match, but may make repairs and insurance more...
  3. 30X stainless steel will be a challenge for insurers and body shops

    In the Leno episode Elon mentioned the doors would be made of 30X SS. I wonder if the rest of the body will be a more pedestrian alloy, making repair easier and costing less to produce. If that's the case, wouldn't matching the finish of the body and door panels be an issue? I don't know, I'm...
  4. Connecticut Cybertruck Owners

    Out of curiosity, what about the CT pushed you all over the edge to go electric? It appears this might be the first EV for most of you. I'm encouraged to see it's not just Elon fanboys who are excited and you're able to separate his at times erratic behavior from the product.
  5. Can I sell a pre order reservation?

    Early reservations for the 3 popped up on Ebay and the like. I'm sure someone would pay. You just have to be willing to change the email address in your Tesla account to the new person. If you already have a Tesla assigned to that account then that won't work too well. Of course your...
  6. Connecticut Cybertruck Owners

    Deal. I don't think you'll be able to keep me out of it for awhile after delivery anyway.
  7. Connecticut Cybertruck Owners

    I'm in Stonington/Mystic and I see several S3X's on a regular basis. More 3's tho. Have had my 3 for over a year now and I still get looks and people asking about the car. Can't wait to see the necks snapping when I'm rolling through in my CT lol. I've got a pretty early reservation (~5k...
  8. Introducing Cyberland Bound - Cybertrucks Off Road Across America

    Sounds cool. However if I recall correctly, a portion of the miles are passable only by motorcycles. I watched a video years ago of someone trying to complete the trail and this was the case. Can probably just go around tho.