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  1. Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    Gotcha. I misread the post. Sorry about that.
  2. Preparing your Spouse for Imminent Acceleration

    I raced dune buggies back when I was a teen. I'm not afraid of speed but I like to be in control and only do it on a closed track as opposed to surface streets. As I've aged I've become environmentally conscious so I drive a Camry Hybrid, my husband drives a mustang. He likes to freak me out by...
  3. Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    There are images on the web which show two cameras in the front fender flare on each side. Speculation is this is where the side mirror cameras are. I guess they should just be called side view cameras? Cyber Truck Fender Cameras
  4. Interior Side View Camera Screen Spotted?!

    That's really small. I hope the screen is larger than that when it hits production.
  5. Long Range 2-motor?

    It would be awesome to get it with this range as it would have the same range as my 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I would be able to go 2 weeks before needing to charge the CT. Too bad I'm approximately 81,538th in line.
  6. Plaid Cybertruck Is A Thing Says Musk!

    It plays into Spaceballs and the Ludicrous speed. If you haven't watched the movie Spaceballs I totally suggest you do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lord Dark "Elon Musk" Helmet in control of Tesla Cybertruck One: [just as Tesla Cybertruck One goes into Ludicrous Speed mode] WHAT HAVE I DONE...