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  1. Cebliminal

    protestors outside fremont factory

    Also it’s funny in Alabama we have the following car manufacturers. Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota and Mazda and we have no UNIONS here and all Employees make a solid wage and have a comprehensive package And all are happy and proud to be working.
  2. Cebliminal

    protestors outside fremont factory

    I support the hell out of Elon and Tesla. If the employees don’t feel safe And then stand outside and protest it does not make sense. I know what the problem is if they go back to work they don’t get the State unemployment and federal unemployment To sit on their asses. And if you don’t want to...
  3. Cebliminal

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    this Is all really disappointing and I Believe it has been in the back of all our minds, i Cant really think of a plus except I will be able to save more money to put down without touching any savings. But I will probably loose my sanity waiting.
  4. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Please let me know the name of the insurance company. (I believe it has something to do with states that don’t have a lot of Tesla’s, in Alabama where I currently live There are less than 500 I believe it’s like also I listen to the all Tesla podcast (Ride The Lightning) a lot of Tesla owners...
  5. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Also maintenance and up keep most of the vehicles I have bought I have just had to change the oil and the dealers take care of the first 10. And tires I have had to pay for and I’m reading the tires on an EV WONT LAST AS LONG. And it looks like the auto insurance on the cybertruck will trump...
  6. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    I am still Cybertruck, but I like what ford is doing up to 700 miles on a tank of fuel with a lot of accessories in the 30k-70k range. Cybertruck will be my first EV dual motor at 50k with no upgrades Yet and a 300 mile range it just seems restricted. I can fill a fuel tank in 10 minutes and...
  7. Cebliminal

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    No governor that caps the speed On gas or diesel motors A lot of military vehicles have them
  8. Cebliminal

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    I want to hit the pedal and take off like a rocket if I choose too, a few of you want an old school governor. I’m buying this CT BECAUSE OF THE POWER or else I would buy the weak ass telluride
  9. Cebliminal

    Should and how would I upgrade Single Motor to Dual Motor?

  10. Cebliminal

    My comparison of Jeep Gladiator & Model Y vs. the Cybertruck

    I have had many jeeps, my experience they ride like crap worse after a lift and large tires. They have no horse power I have put V-8’s in 3 of my jeeps which made it funner for off rode but on the highway they beat you up Rough ride and are noisy. I need more amenities horse power and comfort...
  11. Cebliminal

    Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    I’m concerned about the wow factor with My new CT here in Alabama. From what I can gather there will only be a handful of them in the state for a while. I just figure everyone is going to have to touch it whenever parked. Looking is ok, just don’t touch.
  12. Cebliminal

    What should I expect by way of delivery procedure?

    Great info thanks
  13. Cebliminal

    Should Reservation Price Increase?

    yes I wold have put 10k down I’m not trading anything in so buy the time production starts I will be financing 25k the rest cash, I bought two motor model when I’m contacted for the 7500. I will upgrade to 3 motor if it won’t change delivery, I’m in the first 100k
  14. Cebliminal

    Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    For me It’s a first for both, what sold me was the style of the Cybertruck it looks cool as shit. Then you have a good distance of travel with a single charge. Sports car performance in a pickup package and will be A formidable Off road vehicle. it will be a fourth vehicle for me I’m not ready...
  15. Cebliminal

    Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Will Be More Than Halfway to East Coast

    Huntsville Alabama excellent location for Cybertruck, the state already is home to Hyundai. Honda. Toyota. Mercedes-Benz. Huntsville is northern Alabama not far from Tennessee it hosts the space program government contractors huMyers were fitted for Iraq Afghanistan combat here. It hosts...
  16. Cebliminal

    Hummer Electric Pickup coming 2021

    I’m a first time Ev buyer on the Cybertruck list And live In Alabama, I have been researching the heck out of Tesla and am preparing. I can’t take delivery in my state so it will be Atlanta. The benefit to the hummer would be any repairs or recalls could be done right down the road. If there is...