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    EV's - Self Charge as Wheel turns

    They do.
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    Interior Side View Camera Screen Spotted?!

    Only thing that makes me think no is that its not ideal to have a screen that swings out and becomes exposed to rain/snow. Not a big deal to weatherproof it but I think its more likely they would mount the screen on the dash inside.
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    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    Civic right now but planned to buy a Tacoma, will buy this instead!
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    Analysis: Will Tesla Have to Delay Cybertruck Production / Launch?

    The truck still needs a lot of design work put into it and the production line. This is certainly being doing by engineers working remotely through all this. The whole thing will probably delay production a bit but I think the stage they're in it won't be too bad.
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    "Tesla Cybertruck" look alike makes live appearance at Esports event

    I think this one is a fake, made as a stunt by the event. Someone please prove me wrong but there's several things off about it. Biggest flag is the square part under the front bumper, and if you look under the wheel well at 20s in its very clear its a prop, you can see right through it. Plus...
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    Canadian Cybertruck Fans

    All the way on the east coast. Have wanted a truck for the winters and being able to move around my motorcycle/large items. My family always had a truck growing up and its so useful, but I haven't been able to justify switching with the base cost and the fuel costs of a truck being so high...
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    Using a Supercharger while towing a trailer

    Might be good if it was laying in a puddle, aren't the V3 supercharger cables actively cooled? The extension would have to be as well.
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    SIGNALS, third brake light, and utility lighting

    I wouldn't mind if the middle section only came on when you had off-road lights on, looks good with the gap in the middle in my opinion.
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    Corrosion resistance in Cybertruck may not be perfect

    I found a tweet from Musk that indicates it might actually be 310S stainless. Would be better than 301 for resistance and pitting from what I've read.
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    Alternative C Pillar Panel Design

    I'd prefer if it was just a large triangular opening instead, so you could reach into the bed. Would mess with the aerodynamics a bit but would maintain some of the true truck bed functionality that it's missing right now.
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    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    Getting by with a car now, barely. Winters are tough and I'm constantly dealing with lack of space. Thought my next vehicle was going to be a Tacoma but I really want an EV. Tesla truck came along and I'm 95% sure it's what I'm going with. If not then maybe dual motor Y, you just get so much...
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    Only one tailgate option. Why?

    Maybe you'll find that when it squats using the air suspension, stepping up is manageable. If not keep a milk crate bungied by the tailgate :LOL:
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    Does the back window open?

    Yeah that would work well. Was picturing the same as the Tundra for some reason. A nice big sliding opening would be great.
  14. keyhere

    Does the back window open?

    If you look under the rear window, there's limited space for it to roll down into due to the way it slopes in under the window. You also probably wouldn't be able to use the rolling tonneau while the window is down.
  15. keyhere

    Cybertruck Towing Range

    If it went both ways you could use the strain gauge while braking/going downhill to maximize regen without sacrificing safety. Delaying when the trailer brakes are engaged to get that energy back but not so much that the trailer becomes a runaway train.
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    Has anyone spotted the rear camera?

    I'd prefer if it was in the bumper. I've backed up trucks with the tailgate down and it becomes usless (looking directly down at the ground). At least in the bumper you may be able to see the tailgate in the view and gauge the distance/see what's behind you.
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    Will we need a jack...

    Some people like to change the tire themselves. Maybe you don't and you can go ahead and buy some RFT. If you have 3 on order you can certainly afford to buy new tires when you receive the truck. I'd prefer a normal jack (or simply jack stand if possible) and the on-board compressor.
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    Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    I was actually pretty skeptical about Tesla's holding their resale values but they've shown similar numbers to Tacomas, which is incredible.
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    Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    They used an F-250 for the F-150 comparison haha
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    Cybertruck Financing - Current Tesla owners chime in (please)

    The 20/4/10 rule is helpful to gauge what you can afford. The reality is most people don't buy a vehicle outright, but you shouldn't finance blindly. 20: put at least 20% down on the vehicle 4: keep the loan repayment period under 4 years 10: monthly vehicle costs should be around 10% of your...