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  1. Dual rear cameras spotted on Cybertruck

    if i read this document: correctly - 1 ft separation of cameras is optimal for ~10 yds out.
  2. What about floating?

    Not sure what the motor seals water leak rate will be, but a collection of vids on "Rich Rebuilds" show a MS 2016? flooded for 10 days does get into the motor and will ruin it if not drained out immediatly. see (in part):
  3. What Can A Cybertruck NOT Do?

    Hip Hop Dance like this: :)
  4. Come On NORTH CAROLINA...represent!

    If you broaden your category by removing "North" from the subject line, you could get an instant "doubling" right now ;) - see: RN Date RN Time RN Timezone Region RN Number Count Motor FSD Tesla Owner Error Message Reservation Position* Trim Position at Start...
  5. What about floating?

    Maybe a 3rd party company could develop an add-on electric bilge pump system, and an add-on air intake diverter port mod. for the front of the CT. Not sure what size outboard electric boat motor to have as an add-on to a "flip stop" on the tailgate though.. see...
  6. Cybertruck suspension, ride & handling compared to competitors (Sandy Munro series)

    For a reference point to Sandy's comment on active damping - go to 18:00 on this video.
  7. Tesla quietly disabled the autopilot feature on a Model S

    YIKES - i never even considered that i would have to subscribe to a service in addition to buying this addon feature. Not sure I like the idea of my truck "held hostage" by a software developer If i decide not to renew my update service or resell the CT. Definitely need to re-think this novelty...
  8. NO SIDE MIRRORS (Side View Cameras Instead)

    I'm surprised to see no one mentions the Chevy Silverado with the "Invisible trailer" option in this missive. Maybe i just skimmed past it too fast? IF Tesla software ends up opensource - a 3rd party could add a camera to the back of your own trailer to wireless connect the dash unit or other...
  9. Cybertruck is the best family car you can buy. Will it be your family vehicle?

    on the topic of "wife says ugly" i had a "similar shaped" Pontiac Aztek 10+ years ago - i loved the shape - wife not so much. I had to get rid of it when it did not have the power and traction to get up the hill to my house when there was snow on the drieway.