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  1. cybrtrk_maybe

    Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    Reading between the line, I concluded that he said "Only people that can be identified as 'on the fence' to secure those sales". Like someone with MAYBE in their Forum handle. :p
  2. cybrtrk_maybe

    Looking to purchase reservations!

    Tesla auditor: Mr. Musk, we found an anomaly in our address database. Elon: What is the anomaly? Tesla auditor: We have the same address for 1,000,000 of our Cybertruck reservation holders. Elon: Maybe they built a gigabedroom with 1,000,000 beds. :cool:
  3. cybrtrk_maybe

    To believe or not believe...

    you forgot the category of performers who have narcissists take credit for your work and therefor makes you look like an non-performer, when you're a performer. (EDIT: I just reread your post and maybe this isn't a category, but a sub-category.)
  4. cybrtrk_maybe

    Space Campers for Cybertruck is fantastic!

    I agree, the price is way too much, I bought a 2021 Coachmen Viking 17FQS (New) last fall for $24k and it included kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and queen bed.
  5. cybrtrk_maybe

    CyberTruck Tri/Quad Reservations

    Good advice. PressureCooker 45 appears to be 15k ahead of me. If you read this, then please let me know when you've received any order information.
  6. cybrtrk_maybe

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    Here's as good a place as any. After reading "most" of the thread, I've decided to put a 100 Amp circuit in the middle of the back of my, currently being planned garage to be ready when the time comes, for use in whatever manner I need. My Architect told me that no one ever complains about...
  7. cybrtrk_maybe

    Tesla Insurance

    This is not Tesla insurance related, just me getting it off my chest. I was with State Farm for about 35 years with auto and home policies. I don't think I had any claims the first 30 years. Then we had a bad hail storm and had to file a claim for our home's roof. The next year we sold our...
  8. cybrtrk_maybe


    Only driven by an old lady to go to the mailbox and back, and to church on Sundays.
  9. cybrtrk_maybe

    Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    Nope. If I do end up buying one then it's for the three of us... me, myself, and I.
  10. cybrtrk_maybe

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    The issue I have with this is that when the price was announced it was what was expected in 2021. If you take a third of that inflation, then 4.15% increase of $69,900 is $72,801..
  11. cybrtrk_maybe

    Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    What the heck... Start the laughter... The wiper is tucked into the same area everyone else mentioned; Between the bottom of the windshield and the top of the frunk lid. When it's needed, it's pushed out into the center of the windshield and spins/rotates. It could even be two separate wipers...
  12. cybrtrk_maybe

    Refreshing article, less cyber-bashing lately—Cybertruck vs Ford Lightning

    I agree, I have a potentially winning lottery ticket... until the numbers are drawn.
  13. cybrtrk_maybe

    On the small end of things, Arcimoto Flatbed

    If it had a snow blower attachment for the front and a mower attachment for the rear, I would get one just to do work around my property and sell my skid steer.
  14. cybrtrk_maybe

    What are you going to get while you wait?

    I think I saw one of these driving around Colorado Springs.
  15. cybrtrk_maybe

    Cybertruck competitor's mid-gate

    You mean like a Tardis?