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  1. Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    No way. Just add 15kish to the price and that’s what it’ll be maybe they’ll only do a 10k increase but it definitely won’t be 40k
  2. Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    I saw a podcast with Elon musk and his brother kimbal. With about 5 tesla nerds. All of them said they reserved minimum of three cybertrucks. I’m like wtf. All configuration because they didn’t know which one will come out first…. Understandable. But one chick said she had single motor. Two dual...
  3. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    If tri motor is 79,999 I’m still in.
  4. Production Start Date?!?

    Just take what he says half true. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos for a year. It’s a hit and miss with him. 100% his opinions. He’s a great video editor with a excellent set up.
  5. VIN Assigned Model Y Order. It's not Austin. What do I do?

    Elon said east states will get Austin model y. So Texas. On up. And the to the west will only get Fremont. Maybe you can have a buddie or someone in the east states order one and you guys work it out
  6. Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    We don’t lock down here in texas
  7. Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Bummed.. I own a model y and now a 3. 20k in line for a cybertruck. Live within 50 miles of the factory in Austin . And a Canadian/ Cali person gets first invite. I thought also locals got invited first. ….
  8. Recharge information @ home?

    Yeah idk about all…. This. All I did was call a electrician and asked if he can install a nema 14-50.( Nema 14-50 charges around 30 miles per hour. Plenty for over night to hit 300 miles in 10 hrs.. etc.) Nema 14-50 cost around 20 bucks. He needs to buy a large cable. (If he doesn’t have it. Or...
  9. Reuters: Tesla delays production of Cybertruck to early 2023

    Reuters… iffy info. They called some fake stuff before and crashed stocks for the day for no reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get hit with a law suit
  10. Cybertruck vs R1T vs F150 Lightning : Ben Sullins' thoughts after riding in each

    Great video. He wants the Rivian, guys. He has a small family. Family of four. As do I. But about to have another. I pick cybertruck. I do not know if Rivian is reliable. As in over the air updates. And charging. And they will still run into the problem of charging. Marquess (another youtuber)...
  11. Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    Understandble, because when I asked Tesla through online. They said maybe it’ll change the spot online. Maybe it won’t. I wanted to add it also. Didn’t take the chance
  12. Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    Who, knows. But speculation is they’ll release the tri motors first. And I got a dual motor. Now I want the tri motor but do not want to lose any spots in-line. Especially if that’s not true. Put my order in when Elon said pre reservations are now open
  13. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    I think Elon said on a joe rogan podcast that it is definitely not going to be 150 kWh battery pack. It’ll be smaller then that. I could be wrong ? anybody else remember this?