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  1. Kamin

    Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    I ordered my CT the reveal weekend with at the time the tri motor with FSD and solar. I'll convert that to the 4 motor or whatever is the first top of the line short of plaid. I'll pay the premium for 4 motor but I have no need for the plaid version. I'm old enough now that I want the truck...
  2. Kamin

    FSD Isn't Coming Anytime Soon

    The 20 year time frame applies to me as well. I'm hoping that full autonomous for interstate is approved by the time we all actually have a CT. I can handle the in town stuff, it's the long boring trips I want to be able to sightsee and sleep through.
  3. Kamin


    His post made me think of the one from October 4th. The further down I read the more I thought about it.
  4. Kamin

    Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    The more electric vehicles on the road the better. Plus I won't complain if someone here ahead of me in line buys something else although I doubt they will. My enthusiasm for the CT is the steel exoskeleton combined with the range of the tri motor. I ordered 3 days after the reveal in 2019 so...
  5. Kamin

    Tesla gets patent for LASER wipers.....

    I have to wonder what strength the lasers are to facilitate debris removal. Hard to imagine even a class 3B laser doing the job and allowing any yahoo with the truck access to a class 4 seems ill advised.
  6. Kamin

    Let’s Put a Moratorium on Cybertruck News Until Tesla Actually Builds It

    Funny thing to post on a site that I count on to provide me with any new information about the cybertruck. Staying home, working from home, and babying my 13 year old car hopefully until I can replace it with the CT is why I feed on any CT news. Just because most of it is pointless until we...
  7. Kamin

    Tesla's AI Day Event Did A Great Job Convincing Me They're Wasting Everybody's Time

    What I got out of the presentation was that progress was happening on FSD and that the goal of recruitment would likely work. The surprise was what should have been obvious in that adapting was what learned from all this testing could be applied to a humanoid robot. So far the work on FSD is...
  8. Kamin

    Mid-gate Impossible? Best cab sleeping solution for one? - or kookiest idea yet?

    My hope is to install an ergonomic curved twin bed in place of the rear seats for my wife who is only 5'1" and a mattress in the bed for me. Was hoping for a mid gate but as that looks unlikely I'll be fine as long as I can open the cover from inside it and the HVAC works for the bed.
  9. Kamin

    Fold down entrance to the bed from the cabin

    I would be happy with a door in the mid-gate big enough to fit through and only could be used if the roll cover was over the bed. The drawings seem to indicate that when retracted it blocks the mid-gate.
  10. Kamin

    FSD Missing from my Account

    My page still shows the FSD
  11. Kamin

    Tesla, Rivian, Lucid & Others Form ZETA, an Industry Group to Advocate EVs

    For things that all the public uses and which you are forced to buy from your providing monopoly such as electricity, internet, water and sewer yes. Chattanooga built a municipal internet that outperformed all the cable companies. That freaked out the cable industry to where they bribed...
  12. Kamin

    Tesla, Rivian, Lucid & Others Form ZETA, an Industry Group to Advocate EVs

    I used to work for one of those utilities and they are backing it for the profit that expanded electrical use will generate. Electricity is a traded commodity that by having the market dictate the wholesale price was supposed to increase efficiency and lower cost. Wholesale prices did come way...
  13. Kamin

    Cybertruck depreciation concern

    The Cybertruck met my goals for last vehicle I need to buy criteria when I saw the stainless design on that November opening weekend. I ordered immediately and am still like 150k in line. Depreciation means nothing to me when I have no plans to sell. The frame design is so much more likely to...
  14. Kamin

    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    I agree that my most important item is the pass through. All the features I want were listed in the video and the most important are climate control for the bed and an integrated way to trailer more batteries. It is such a no brainer that having an electric vehicle with the towing capacity of...
  15. Kamin

    Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster just whizzed past Mars

    Radiant heat transfer rate varies with a delta-t to the 4th power so while radiant transfer is slow it ramps up quickly as the temperature difference increases. Still way slower than the movies would have you believe.
  16. Kamin

    Driving the Cybertruck

    Has anyone compared how much regen a Tesla on autopilot uses with manual control of the one pedal driving?
  17. Kamin

    Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    I used to have a pickup when I moved around in college and right after. I couldn't justify the cost of operation after settling down but have missed the utility. I have waited many years for an electric vehicle that drives itself and the moment I saw the cybertruck I knew it was what I was...
  18. Kamin

    FSD / Autopilot safety vs liberty

    Tesla's current self driving tech is still all based on visual data. The ever improving algorithms for this will enable FSD to work better than humans in general it lacks the true safety improvements that will come once the cars are networked together and a traffic system helps to coordinate...
  19. Kamin

    Pre-Order test drive?

    Living in a state that Tesla currently doesn't sell in (New Mexico) I knew when I ordered the Cybertruck that I would be counting on all of you here to give me detailed reviews once the truck is out there. I knew I wanted it the moment it was shown back in November. The only thing that would...