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  1. ModelAZ

    New sighting! Cybertruck + Semi at Michigan International Speedway [June 17, 2022] -- No Wiper on CT

    Video of Tesla Cybertruck and semi making an appearance at Michigan Speedway. 👍 No wiper on Cybertruck! 🤔
  2. ModelAZ

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️ Starts at $39,974 and goes up to $90,874 Updated with the full Lightning playbook: ? 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Playbook With Pricing! ? Ordering Begin 1/6, Build & Price Tomorrow 1/4!
  3. ModelAZ

    Rivian confirms 71K preorders & second plant with 400K vehicles / yr capacity

    Latest Rivian stats & figures announced yesterday:
  4. ModelAZ

    F-150 Lightning battery capacities revealed: 98 kWh / 131 kWh

    See all the info info:–-q-a-specs-infographics.7503/ 98 kWh standard range battery capacity 131 kWh extended range battery capacity Top "Platinum" model gets 280 miles range
  5. ModelAZ

    Hummer EV Trolls Cybertruck in Touchscreen Menu Icon

    In Doug DeMuro's video review of the GMC Hummer EV, there's a shot of a button graphic on the touchscreen menu that shows the Hummer EV driving on / over top of the Cybertruck. ? BTW if you're wondering why that icon is being used for lights, the Hummer's menu system is customizable and Doug...
  6. ModelAZ

    Elon confirms Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel and will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ (11/29/21)

    Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel, Elon Musk says will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ November 29, 2021 Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck will have a yoke steering wheel, and he also said that the electric pickup truck will be a “technology bandwagon.” It could mean that...
  7. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck Socks hit the official Tesla online shop ?

    Anyone catch these on the official Tesla online store (under Apparel)? Makes for some fun stocking stuffers ?
  8. ModelAZ

    Luxury Camper accessory by Form Camper designed to fit Tesla Cybertruck

    This new camper accessory by California startup Form Camper works with the Tesla Cybertruck as well as traditional pickups like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. It will fit any standard truck beds between 5.8 and 8 feet long. Sadly, this means it won't work with the Rivian R1T since its...
  9. ModelAZ

    ? Cybertruck spotted with windshield wipers, side mirrors, wheel aero covers removed, staggered wheels/tires!

    Cybertruck was out testing at the Merced County Castle Airport (about 2 hrs east of Fremont factory). You can see there's windshield wipers, side mirrors and the wheel aero covers have been removed. Do the rear tires look bigger than the fronts? And here's the video posted earlier...
  10. ModelAZ

    Article: Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

    Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization Source Posted on August 9, 2021 Tesla’s production of the all-electric Cybertruck may have been pushed back due to design finalization by company...
  11. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck Trademark Filed in China

    Tesla files Cybertruck trademark application in China Via June 2, 2021 Tesla has taken another step in preparation to sell the Cybertruck in China by filing a trademark application for the vehicle name...
  12. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck spotted inside Tesla Gigafactory Texas

    From Electrek A Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted at Gigafactory Texas, and it’s making people wonder if it could finally be a new prototype. The Cybertruck was unveiled back in November 2019, and Tesla said that it planned to bring it to market by the end of 2021. The automaker has also...
  13. ModelAZ

    Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will be able to power a camper Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will be able to power a camper Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla Cybertruck owners will be able to power a camper with their electric pickup trucks. When unveiling...
  14. ModelAZ

    Can Tesla Cybertruck Actually Stop Bullets? Technical Analysis by a Firearms Instructor [** NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS **]

    Can The Tesla Cybertruck Repel Stray Bullets? Via February 18, 2021 Inside EVs recently interviewed Sandy Munro, a well known automotive industry expert. He said one of the reasons he’ll be buying a Cybertruck...
  15. ModelAZ

    "Ticket Avoidance Mode" hinted at by Tesla

    From Tesmanian - Tesla Teases New Feature: Ticket Avoidance Mode November 9, 2020 On April 1st, 2015, Tesla introduced Ticket Avoidance Mode for Model S owners. In a short video, the...
  16. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck as a Military, Combat, Tactical Vehicle - Video Analysis and Renderings

    Video analyzing the Cybertruck as a military and tactical vehicle. Some renderings to go with it...
  17. ModelAZ

    Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    There was a discussion in another thread about the age of those who will be Cybertruck owners, so it'd be interesting to see the ages of the Cybertruck Owners Club community. Please vote in the poll above!
  18. ModelAZ

    Cheetah Mode teases potential of Cybertruck's new suspension

    There's a setting coming for launch mode in the S and X with air suspension called "Cheetah Mode." According to CNET: Elon Musk and Co. are readying a setting in Launch Mode for Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with the company's Raven powertrain update and air suspension. Essentially...
  19. ModelAZ

    Cybertruck will have radar heater to deal with snow / winter weather

    It's safe to assume that by the time the Cybertruck arrives, it will feature the radar heater feature that was just discovered in the Model Y's wiring diagrams. I don't live somewhere that will ever need my Cybertruck's radar sensors to be heated, but this should be helpful for those of you who...