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  1. cybrtrk_maybe

    Do Tesla cars come with a brake controller for trailers?

    I recently bought a camper. The vehicle I am going to use to tow it with came with the "towing package"; It has a tow hitch receiver and both the 4 pin and 7 pins connectors... However, I guess the "tow package" doesn't include a brake controller and I had to pay additional to have one...
  2. cybrtrk_maybe

    Converting Tesla Semi into a Recreational Vehicle.

    I just had a thought. I know this has nothing to do with the CyberTruck, but I didn't have anyplace else to share it. Has anyone considered the possibility of converting the Tesla Semi into a RV? Lengthen the chassis to say 30 to 40 feet long, lengthen the cab to fit over the chassis, add...
  3. cybrtrk_maybe

    model cybrtrk

    A friend of mine has a 3-D printer and found that someone had already produced plans to print a model of the Cybrtrk that you paint and glue together. I asked him if he would print me one and I'd pay him for his labor and supplies. It's not the real thing, but I may get one sooner than later.