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  1. Anyone plan on polishing their Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    The vehicle wrap industry is gonna get a boost. I'm wrapping my Cybertruck like every several months. Zombies one day, American Flag for 4th of July, Santa's sled for X-mas.....can't wait
  2. Tesla Analyst Estimates 'Staggering' 650K Cybertruck Preorders

    that would be awesome to switch up. I reserved a Dual motor CT because I didn't want to wait until 2022 for production. I'd happily switch to the Tri-motor.
  3. Digital Look at Cybertruck and F-150 Side-by-Side

    This truck is going to be the weirdest thing on the road........I can't WAIT!. they got the width right....I wish Elon would have kept his 5% reduction. This would be the size and would fit nicely in my garage.
  4. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    I think many people cancel their pre-orders if a radically new design is made. All points towards a subtle design update that doesn't affect the overall look of the CT. The one show at the reveal was absolutely massive. If you saw the Tug of War video, that CT was longer then the 231.9 Ford...
  5. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    You know what, that could work........If they kept the same beltline as the concept and change the 35s for some 275/55/17s that could work nicely. They can lose 12 inches from the bed, 3 from the front and 3 from the works......with higher "ass", the rearseat guys would be fine.
  6. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    Thanks, I'm working on the Tug of War one....that Cybertruck is massive compare to that F150.
  7. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    I don't think you can make an "International" version of this truck. 220" is possibly the shortest length you can make it before the rear seats become useless. At 208, they would have to design a new (NON-TRIANGLE) truck or a 3 seat single cab truck. Seeing how massive this thing was at the...
  8. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    LOL, I had one until I bought a house in the city, I was already thinking about how I can cut into the house for a few more inches before these new specs. I don't think you'll notice the difference with the tailgate. The angle might be a little steeper. I estimate only a few inches shorter.
  9. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    Okay, last one. The orange outline is the original photoshop skills are a novice so bear with me. I must say I love this rendering way more than the original monster. This is going to be such a game-changer, I can't wait.
  10. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    I'd switch in a heartbeat. I don't really need a truck, I need an EV. I can do with a Model Y, but having the bed to put my "stuff" in was a game-changer. Maybe 20% of sales of the current CT will be to guys that actually take them to the worksite. I don't think it's even that high for ICE...
  11. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    LOL, I just want it to be 225 inches or shorter. That's the MAX my garage can take. I'd be willing to lose a few inches off the bed.
  12. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    Looking at some of the interior views, it’s low, medium, or high.... (highway cruising, normal, and off road)
  13. My design update render (size reduction & leveling)

    This chop wouldn't be bad at all.....the portions are relatively the same and at a glance, you'll hardly notice the change. same 6.5 bed. I was good with the concept as is.....but making the center line a bit more level will look better from the rearview. I did this chop to keep my sanity...
  14. Cybertruck drives into Tesla design studio

    my bet is when you switch the truck to off-road mode, you’ll have access to the top and middle light bar.
  15. Musk retweets P100D out-towing F-150 video: "Anymore excuses Ford? Imagine what the Cybertruck will do"

    just wait.......these are going to start showing up everywhere......
  16. Musk: Cybertruck dimensions (width + length) can be reduced without losing utility or aesthetics

    At the end of the day, it’s an EV. Running a cord to the street isn’t practical. I’d love the option of putting it in a 19 foot garage.