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  1. BillyGee

    Price Increases?

    I would suspect there might be some price increases on certain trims, but Tesla will likely do their best to honor their original listing prices the best that they can. Can you imagine a field day the anti-testla media would have with even a one cent pricing increase?
  2. BillyGee

    Yoke to Steering wheel; is this too obvious?

    If it has a fly by wire steering column hopefully we get speed dependent turning radius. I feel like that would alleviate all the issues people seem to have with the yoke.
  3. BillyGee

    Will Tesla go up to $700 or go down to $600, this week?

    Just buy and hold. Unless you're Bill gates and shorting it, it really doesn't matter for the long haul.
  4. BillyGee

    My solution for windshield wiper design! What do you think?

    It has an air compressor, right? Air knife.
  5. BillyGee

    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing Things have changed.
  6. BillyGee

    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    You'll be keeping them crossed for a while. People put in for a single motor model Y back on launch and they're still waiting.
  7. BillyGee

    To believe or not believe...

    I'd think that the Spielbergs and Lenos are getting theirs first and that's only after the SpaceX and Tesla employees get theirs. Then it'll go by trim, Quads first.
  8. BillyGee

    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    You mean like Tesla forgot about them after 2021?
  9. BillyGee

    Tesla removed from the S&P 500 ESG index

    It's all just to put pressure on Musk. It's mind-blowing how the entire establishment is throwing everything they can at an African American immigrant that sells solar panels and electric cars all because he wanted to buy a website mostly used for porn and sharing of opinions.
  10. BillyGee

    Is $TSLA going to 600.00?

    Buy and hold. Weather the storm. Support what you believe in and die like men.
  11. BillyGee

    TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    Fence, , flag, cameras, armalite. Usually works to protect stuff.
  12. BillyGee

    Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Maybe, he was out in a rural area of central California. Things are different out there.
  13. BillyGee

    Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Unfortunately, yes. There is, however, the central valley solution I heard from a farmer friend in college; "Just shoot near them to spook them off. What are they going to do? Call the cops and say that they were shot at trying to steal copper from a farm?"
  14. BillyGee

    Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Just have the copper scrappers demand ID like they do up where I live. Suddenly the problem will vanish.
  15. BillyGee

    Ford to build 600k EV's/yr by end of next year and has 2nd EV truck in the works

    That's rich coming from the same company that barely managed 27,000 mach e's in 2021 and has since halted us sales since they have no parts.