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  1. Space Campers for Cybertruck is fantastic!

    Two problems are not adressed in that design. 1. Small problem - bears 2. Big problem - mosquitoes
  2. New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    Yoke is in a process of removal and there will be steer by wire. Probably even by two wires. :unsure:
  3. My solution for windshield wiper design! What do you think?

    I guess you never built a real linear drive? With my 40+ in automation and electromechanical design I know that linear drive must have at least 1:3 relation between the guide thickness and the slide length just to start moving. For the reliably working drive that rate should be 1:10. And the...
  4. My solution for windshield wiper design! What do you think?

    But we know reliability of similar mechanisms in tons of other applications.
  5. My solution for windshield wiper design! What do you think?

    The linear drive is much less reliable than the pivoting one. The problem is the contamination of the guides/slides. The snow and ice is another serious obstruction.
  6. TFL Says the Cybertruck Will Flop

    TFL make a good business by pushing their flops into a wasp nest. Clicks bring money. There is nothing good that is new to say about CT. so bad opinion sells.
  7. Cybertruck spotted at Tesla booth at Michigan Formula SAE competition

    Acceleration is disappointing. Probably the sideview mirrors affect aerodynamics?. :unsure:
  8. Rattleproof Cybertruck?

    My Toyota (made in Japan) makes some funny buzzing all 16 years of use. Keep it waiting for CT
  9. Battery Progress

    I probably missed the discussions about powering a house from a CT if here are any. It would be interesting to read after the power outages in Ontario.
  10. Why is the Tesla Yoke a Safety Risk and the Lexus Yoke Kinda Wonderful?

    There is one good thing about such articles - Mr. Musk doesn't care
  11. Look out Tesla, Ford, GM, Rivian - here comes Ram Revolution!

    Is that murky picture all that they can reveal? I am afraid there in the darkness is hidden a flatbed Chevy Cavalier :unsure:
  12. TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    If you are so determined, the answer is "yes". Please try it at your own risk before writing not very polite reply 😱
  13. Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    Sharp shooting could solve a problem even faster. But where we can find so many sharpshooters? :unsure:
  14. My Model 3 took a 12v smoke break

    Spares take a lot of room. Especially a spare truck :unsure:
  15. Solving the Big Truck, Small Garage Problem

    There is a horizontal solution: What about a vertical one? Just drive into a turning pocket and errect your CT to the vertical state?
  16. Canadian EV rebates are a joke

    It is not the trucks, rather the goverment doesn't qualify