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  1. cybertrucktruckguy

    Tesla are they backing out of agreement to sell 2 motor cyber truck first

    It’s definitely confirmed that there’s a rumor that Tesla will only be building trucks for the rich. To be safe, I will again recommend everyone cancel their reservations, especially if yours is below RN113239227. I would recommend this is done before the next conference call because it will...
  2. cybertrucktruckguy

    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    I support everyone canceling their reservations based on this news…especially those who have reservation numbers below RN113239227.
  3. cybertrucktruckguy

    My Interview with Cyberlandr Camper Co-Founders (Video)

    Yeah, There is no pack. That was their way of trying to estimate the total energy impact of using the camper on a trip, which is (as they admitted) pretty impossible to estimate due to the variables. I think they are reconsidering the wording there but I don't know for sure.
  4. cybertrucktruckguy

    I am not a truck guy, but i want the Cybertruck....should I get it?

    It's $100 to make a reservation and if you haven't made one yet, you're more than 700k in line. If you're lucky, your reservation number will come up sometime in late 2023 or 2024. You'll have plenty of time to see the CT in action, rent one, test drive one etc before your reservation comes...
  5. cybertrucktruckguy

    Snow plowing

    I have a very nice stainless steel Boss XT 8'2" VPlow with my Cybertrucks name on it. I am hoping to go to the GIE Landscape Expo next year (also maybe one of the snow shows too) and check in with the big plow manufacturers to see if it's even on their radar. Sometimes their VP's of product...
  6. cybertrucktruckguy

    My response to designer Frank Stephenson's criticism of the Cybertruck (Video)

    Frank Stephenson's video for reference:
  7. cybertrucktruckguy

    Cybertruck Rally

    I’m thinking It’ll be ‘choose your adventure’ with different options for different skills and vehicles. Typically groups like this self sort into Advanced, Intermediate and Rookie. I’ll probably do maps for each type and then try and have a couple of experienced people go out with each group.
  8. cybertrucktruckguy

    Cybertruck Rally

    It’s still on. More details to come next year.
  9. cybertrucktruckguy

    Justify the cost to own

    Assume you're right. You're paying a 44k premium. Then Assume you'll be able to drive it for 20 years. Thats $2,200 per year. That's $6.00 a day to climb into a combination supercar/off-road monster/Ultimate utility vehicle every morning. $6 a day to hit the accelerator and smile. $6 a day...
  10. cybertrucktruckguy

    Air suspension and tire in/deflation from cab

    I spend a lot of time off road. Probably 5k-10k miles per year. Ditto driving in snow/ice. IMHO the benefits of airing down is very limited and of relatively low benefit outside of edge cases, esp with the combination of air suspension (which should eliminate the need to air down to get some...
  11. cybertrucktruckguy

    "Wolverine Cybertruck"

    I am of the opinion that the 'Wolverine' will come sooner than many people think. Here's why: 1. Cybertruck is so far the most successful launch they've had. 2. According to Sandy Munro, the CT will be far easier to produce and require a much smaller factory footprint compared to regular...
  12. cybertrucktruckguy

    Cybertruck depreciation concern

    1. If anyone wants to swap me their early CT reservation as a result of depreciation or build quality worries, Let me know. I'd gladly move up in line. 2. I think it's fair to say that Tesla will continue to lower prices as their capacity to reduce costs grows. This is a reality that...
  13. cybertrucktruckguy

    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    This is a good question. I'm not an engineer so I cant really speak authoritatively to this. Many of the features/options I think people want MIGHT be things that could be engineered into the design with very little additional cost. Obviously if they aren't practical or affordable, then Tesla...
  14. cybertrucktruckguy

    Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    I cannot think of reason I'd need the extra maneuverability that wasn't either off roading or snow plowing so my bias is showing. I've been assuming 4 wheel steering adds some addl cost because rear wheels don't normally do that and that the torque vectoring approach is something that could be...