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  1. ldjessee

    Winch - What is the priority?

    Thanks for taking the time. Still not sure I understand it at a gut level, but I understand what you said and how that would look on an oscilloscope.
  2. ldjessee

    Winch - What is the priority?

    If you look at the wave form diagram that I linked to, you see that from the peak of one wave to the lowest point of the either other phase, the total difference is 1.5. If the peak from zero (base line) is 120 volts, then 120 * 1.5 = 180 volts. If from the base line to the peak is 240v, then...
  3. ldjessee

    Winch - What is the priority?

    I am a motorcyclist, my last trip was about 8 states, one of which was Texas, and from leaving my garage to returning to it I put 2,696 miles on the odometer. If I had not gotten COVID between Conroe, TX and Shreveport, LA, the trip would have been over 3,000 miles. People can be stupid...
  4. ldjessee

    Tesla designed Hydraulic winch option on all 4 corner

    I have worked on high pressure hydraulic systems and I do not want hydraulics if it can be avoided. I could see a need for disk brakes, but maybe some day someone will create electric disk brakes?
  5. ldjessee

    model Y travel mattress. Safe to assume a CT variant in the future

    I LOVED the blanket I brought back from Korea for 20 years, then it got wet and moldy stored in a basement during the summer...
  6. ldjessee

    What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    There are many greats and I am sure my choices will evolve over time. I am sure it will include Led Zeppelin, Faith No More, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Doors, lots of 80s, Synth wave, techno, house, and many other genres I probably do not know the name to... But when it comes to I Feel Love, for...
  7. ldjessee

    Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    Considering we are talking 22 shipping containers, not sure you would be able to 'sneak' those from the Houston port to Austin at the Tesla factory and go unnoticed... but since it does break down into shipping containers, no holes in ceiling nor wall needed, lost of entrances that would...
  8. ldjessee

    Battery Progress

    It doesn't say that, but many people, not reading carefully and paying close attention, could walk away with that. Average reading comprehension is probably higher here, but still not that high... and sometimes I read these forums late at night when my reading comprehension is not at its best.
  9. ldjessee

    Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    Up to 22 shipping containers... That breaks down into smaller pieces than I thought from the size.
  10. ldjessee

    Cybertruck vs F-150 Visual Size

    Another thread Returned from the Dead...
  11. ldjessee

    No 800v for Model 3/Y, but maybe for Cybertruck?

    And with solar (even without battery) if the unit is empty, you could potentially be earning money/credits, depending on local utility setup, from the energy being produced but not used. Are you considering battery storage? I have seen some apartments look into becoming a microgrid. Put solar...
  12. ldjessee

    Musk Says Cybertruck Will Take Cross-Country Trip Tour Later This Year

    Talk about raising threads from the dead... ;) I thought someone caught photos of it in San Diego?
  13. ldjessee

    Jehu Garcia does with the Rivian R1T what many here have speculated about doing with the Cybertruck

    Not sure I would call Jehu a schmuck. He has converted cars to EVs and was putting out content about battery packs for Solar a decade or more. I remember watching his content of buying bulk battery cells, information on inverters, BMS, and a lot of DIY projects. I do not know him personal, I...
  14. ldjessee

    Jehu Garcia does with the Rivian R1T what many here have speculated about doing with the Cybertruck

    I apologize, I used the wrong links. Here is the link I should have used, and I included the start time to play where he starts showing the battery.
  15. ldjessee

    Does wall charger need to be plugged back in after use?

    I have seen such ceiling systems for air hose, cannot be too hard to modify it for a charging cord...
  16. ldjessee

    Jehu Garcia does with the Rivian R1T what many here have speculated about doing with the Cybertruck

    Which is to place a battery in the bed for a long trip. Now, he ran into issues, which is cooling, something in several threads I think was talked about... some seemed to think it would not be needed, but it is now obvious why active thermal management is required for the battery and electronicsl
  17. ldjessee

    Auto Insurance on the Cybertruck

    The Tesla Cybertruck still has crumple zones, like most modern vehicles, so not like hitting something with the Cybertruck will be different than any other vehicle in the same weight and size category. As for insurance... I have paid more than the vehicle for insurance (20 years ago) and now I...
  18. ldjessee

    Battery Progress

    It takes years to test out new chemistries, and such a different chemistry that would require different manufacturing techniques, I would NOT expect it to be in production vehicles for another5+ years, so 2027-ish... assuming the process to manufacture is actually the same or cheaper than their...
  19. ldjessee

    Why has my battery not lasted?

    My Leaf dropped to 11/12 last year. I think from the bad charging cycle because we basically stopped driving for over a year. I think it spent too much time at low and high states of charge...