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  1. Open air roof?

    Yes older Tesla's had many options and soo many colors. Since launching they have "simplied" the production line. Personally I will never have a detachable roof of any kind. I fix too many after water comes in. For the bed cover, it is ok as the bed is ment for outdoors. Just look at Rivians...
  2. New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    How big is the frame above the front seats? Does the glass roof start further back? I thought is was glass even above front seats... again this is only a proto.. but still..
  3. Cybertruck (w/ 2 piece windshield wiper) trotted out for Tesla's Moss Landing Megapack Battery System commissioning ceremony!

    Looks like may not be the latest prototype. I didn't see the rear wheel steering. Or maybe it was going too slow? I don't think so but idk much of that feature.
  4. Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    Does anyone have facts in regarding the Semi? Does/will it use a casting? Is the 8t for CT and the 9t for Semi? Or better yet is the 9t for RoboTaxi for entire car? So may possibilities and speculations. Please don't kill brain cells over "what if's". Overall I agree, progress is progress. As I...
  5. Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    I believe every cast machine is fully tested in Italy before going to customer. Just saw How It's Made condoms last night, each is tested before shipping out too. Got to love YouTube for education.
  6. Cybertruck Doors

    No more speakers in doors these days? What about a side pop out sword made from the same SS as the car/spacecraft? Ok sword might be too much for most, not me:D But some kind of gimmic to fill the empty air would be cool. Like others have flash lights, umbrellas, etc..
  7. Wait, that doesn't look like a Tesla!

    I don't get it, there are way more fires from non-EV then EV percentage wise per each respective group.
  8. Tesla hit with $1.27M subrogation claim from State Farm in 2020 house fire

    Wonder if they inspected the charger like if it was properly installed. DIY or by actual pro. I know someone who used regular 12/2 wire for their installation and then set the car/charger to pull 32 amps. I felt the warmth when touching the wall where the wire was installed. I am not saying that...
  9. 12V electric car Cyber Truck now available

    I am curious about both sites and the purchase qty. To see who buys which color more.
  10. FSD Isn't Coming Anytime Soon

    Unless you are Ford or GM, then you get a pass..
  11. Instrument Cluster Display + Auto Shift Out Of Park + Steering Yoke confirmed in new Cybertruck pics @ Giga Texas

    I think the touch button with the small white square is just a light, so one knows where to touch at night The Tailgate looks like it converters the top triangle button into rectangle on each side and added the center one since everyone is used to using a center button on every tailgate or lift...
  12. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    Looking at the video, when he was looking through the passagers' side inside. Did it look like the 17-in screen was tilted up? It didn't look faceing back as much, but it could just be my mind fabricating what I wanted to see. For the side cameras as mirrors on screen behind the yoke, I do not...
  13. Tesla store now taking DOGE

    Yea I saw this 1 hour before Elon posted it last night. Doge went from 18 to 21 in seconds. I sold some just to cover some stuff. And now waiting for the rest of the world to react. I am no expert, but Elon says there might be a market recession in the spring. Well, there always is as many pull...
  14. Configurations and Pricing Removed From Cybertruck Website!

    Not just Tesla. Look at GM, Ford, Mercedes, etc.. not even Rivan was able to produce on their schedule, which was changed and moved so many times besides just the actual production. And now dealers are putting markups so crazy; thus, Tesla has no dealers, and the price is the price. Some dealers...
  15. Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    Correct, but time duration is time wasted waiting instead of driving. I'm not sure if the battery will be 150kw or 200kw (tri/quad). However, it may require v4 chargers to fully utilize the 4680. This will take at least a decade to get enough where I travel, as there are already v1 to v3 SC...
  16. Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    When I road trip, I drive at nights so all my little ones are passed out. The more I drive without any distraction, the further I will get before the monsters wake up. So for me, range is a big deal for that reason alone.
  17. Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    Just one example of many. I will not speak of what I have and do to what is legally mine.
  18. Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    I don't think they will software unlock motors. Not these days with so many hackers to bypass the lock and get it free. Back in the day, people would software unlock more power to a performance version from the black market and pay way less. The only way to fully protect investment is to block...