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  1. Where will $TSLA be at Cybertruck Release

    Obviously the stock has been hit hard this year. But assuming the upcoming split in August and how bad the economy is right now with inflation etc what are you guys guesses ideas and thoughts on what the price will be at when the CT is released. Assuming 2023 as Elon stated or worst case...
  2. Quad Motor Cybertruck or a 911 Carrera

    what would you guys choose. this is going to be my daily driver and i am saving up to get the CT. but if the delay keeps getting thrown back a year i might have to get something else. my question to you guys is i will be using this as a daily driver. would you guys opt for a 911 if possible? i...

    Hey guys any idea on how to get tickets for the event? i am planning on taking a trip down to see my fam for that week and wanted to know details. cannot find anything online.

    I dont know about you guys but in 2021 i had a countdown here in my office and it makes the anticipation that much more. going to add it here and update it every month. Also this makes time feel like its flying by. this countdown is assuming release in january 2023 but things can change. either...
  5. Cybertruck Spotted Coming Off Ramp [Video]

    found this on Twitter couple days ago. Not sure if it was posted yet. Damn does this baby look sweet .
  6. Release date predictions?

    We can all agree we are disappointed the truck won’t come out this year. Butttt what are the chances it doesn’t come out next year either? What if CT turns into the roadster meaning it doesn’t come out till years years later. November 2022 will make it three years since unveil. Damn I want this...
  7. Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Well all I can say is that these pics look better than the leaked ones in my opinion.
  8. What we 100% know about the Cybertruck

    Its fair to say there are many rumors going around especially some from unreliable sources. Lets mention what we 100% know so far about the Cybertruck. this is for the first trucks being produced. 1. production will start with 4 motor variant. 2. we can expect production either in 2022 or...
  9. No More Cyber Whistle!

    First the 2022 production date gets taken off the website… now the cyber whistle is no longer for sale. Are we in for bad news on the earnings call? ?
  10. Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    I took a look across all of teslas vehicles and came up with a decent pricing prediction based on what everything else is priced at. Feel free to leave your thoughts but i can see this being the actual final pricing based on what the lineup pricing is currently at. I think it would be fair to...
  11. Cybertruck or Roadster?

    I put my deposit for the TRI motor Cybertruck second day after the reveal. My reservation in line is about # 45k. Elon has gone out to say that the truck will be teslas greatest product ever produced. My question for the forum is if you had the chance to have the truck or roadster which would...