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  1. New sighting! Cybertruck + Semi at Michigan International Speedway [June 17, 2022] -- No Wiper on CT

    Is this because of the angle of the windshield and/or the glass material? The slope on the Tesla Semi is steeper than the cybertruck windshield. So wind should push anything in the way up and over the truck right? With the Semi, it's more like traditional vehicle and so the pressure of the wind...
  2. Cybertruck pic - in lowest air suspension mode & windows down

    I believe the rivian has this feature as well but not to the extent that this vehicle does.
  3. Towing Capacity and Range?

    I'm looking at some that are ranging from 8000 lbs to 12000 lbs. which is definitely more than the single motor CT's capacity but less than the tri-motor.
  4. Towing Capacity and Range?

    So the cybertruck (the tri-motor atleast) will have reportedly 200kwhs of battery capacity while the model y has 75. This is 2.66 times the capacity. So is it safe to assume that the cybertruck will then have a supposed capacity of 292.6 miles of effective range while towing? This is...
  5. Towing Capacity and Range?

    Another thing to remember, the back of the cybertruck is different, so I'm sure the aero profile will be different while towing as well. If you could somehow create an integrated surface between the back of the vehicle with the trailer, that would solve most problems. Somebody did an analysis...
  6. Towing Capacity and Range?

    That vehicle supposedly will have a sleeper in it but its gonna be too expensive to not ship goods with. But from what was proposed in the original presentation, After about 2 years of delivering stuff, it pays for itself.
  7. $TSLA The sell-off continues-what's wrong?

    If you look at the market as a whole, it has been declining since the beginning of this year. There is some correlation with TSLA as the people with all of the money have money in alot of different things.
  8. Towing Capacity and Range?

    Yep, Aerodynamics matter. That's signficantly more efficient then what they were driving in the video. Do you find your self stopping often to charge?
  9. Towing Capacity and Range?

    Another consideration is if you can somehow wire up solar panels to the charging port if you were towing say a motorhome that has a large surface area on the top.
  10. Towing Capacity and Range?

    That's a good point, it still matters just less. If I were to be towing a motorhome, then I'd have to figure out how to get access to the charger with that still attached, but if its less frequent then you'd have to detach the motorhome, charge, and then re-attach at each recharge station.
  11. Towing Capacity and Range?

    Hello, has anybody done the math on the potential range for each of the models? I ask this because I saw a couple of videos on other electric vehicles towing things and the results are a bit disappointing. Rivian which is now producing vehicles in production was getting around 1 mile per % of...
  12. “New” Cybertruck Photos with vault cover closed

    If it's glossy like glass then this could be the solar panel tonneau prototype. If it's dust, then that could be a problem for when they have the solar panel tonneau because it needs to stay clean to recharge from the sunlight!
  13. Tesla Killed the Side Toolbox storage at least on these prototypes

    I think battery supply is the bigger concern. I don't know how updated this supply chain map is but batteries are the limiting reagent given said global events. Nothing from Russia, thankfully.
  14. Cybertruck prototype spotted again on Fremont track. (2/7/2022)

    Does anybody know what they were doing? They had a computer there next to it. The tape on the ground doesn't make sense. Neither do the covered areas of the vehicle. Then they had all of the boxes on the ground there next to it as well. The impact testing theory doesn't make sense because it...
  15. Cybertruck list in order

    I don't know how accurate the tracker is and where the information came from but if I were given access to the data I could put together a form that lets you enter in your reservation number and it tells you your hypothetical place in line. But a reminder, subtract your number from 112744100...
  16. A tent for an Aptera

    Concept is cool but it doesn't look very durable. The solar cell tech should be applied to other electric vehicles. At the very least it should increase range while it won't completely replace charging for most people. The other concern is lifespan of the solar panels, could see that not working...
  17. Highway Charging While Driving

    Wirelessly yes, but you have to leave your phone ON the charging station, not in your hand, right? Do you expect cars to lower suspension and fold up their tires so that the car sits flat against the road?
  18. Highway Charging While Driving

    This would be a complete and absolute waste of energy and I'm guessing Tesla thought about this and came to the same conclusion. As somebody else on this thread mentioned, it's a PR stunt and has little real-life value yet. There is a reason your phones don't charge through the air just yet...