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  1. CTM

    just go Cyber Rodeo!

    wish I was able to make it down, if you are in the area JUST GO! have fun, send us lots of pictures:)
  2. CTM


    Starting to plan new construction of a house and want to design it all electric. Slab on grade radiant heat, grid tied with rack solar pv and water heater mounted on south facing slope. planning on some battery storage, grid power goes down in the area from time to time. Pricing out battery...
  3. CTM

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I think I would like the Giga Texas tour and pick up option for my Cybertruck:)
  4. CTM

    full steering wheel?

    Not sure if this conversation has happened yet, so here we go... I spend a lot of time cruising down the road with my hand in the 6 o'clock position on the wheel and my arm relaxed, this would not be possible with the Cybertruck steering wheel from the reveal. With that game controller steering...
  5. CTM

    Has anyone dropped an old truck/van body on an electric chassis?

    I have been wondering about the feasibility of dropping an old G20 Van body onto an electric chassis. Has anyone done this or other conversions?
  6. CTM

    Starlink updates

    Starlink has added an option to their website, for people to sign up for email updates about Starlink service in their area. Anybody else out there excited for Starlink?
  7. CTM

    Detroit Cybertruckers

    First of all I would like to thank Cybertruck owners club for creating this site. I look forward to lively discussion and meeting my fellow Cybertruckers in the exciting future that is rapidly unfolding. keep on truckin!