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  1. SpaceYooper

    Ford going 100% online for EV sales

    Will it actually happen? Ford Is Going to 100% Online, Fixed-Price Sales For EVs CEO Jim Farley says direct delivery, zero negotiation, and fully online transactions are necessary for the brand's EV business. BY MACK...
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    To believe or not believe...

    Given what we now know about the Gigapress9000 who thinks a production CT will be delivered to a reservation holder this year?
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    Battery Progress

    Tesla battery research group unveils paper on new high-energy-density battery that could last 100 years Fred Lambert - May. 24th 2022 3:26 am @FredericLambert Tesla’s advanced battery...
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    Tesla Insurance now in Colorado Also now available in OR and VA but I don't care about Currently CO Tesla drivers, are you going to switch? Please let us know your savings.
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    Test Drive

    For the Tesla owners out there that have been on a Tesla waiting list before, did you get a chance to sit in, drive, touch, feel, smell, drive, etc, your model of choice before finalizing your purchase? I know a lot of people on the waiting list will take delivery with no questions asked. I...
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    Car & Driver article: Tesla Cybertruck Is Delayed, and We're Not Surprised

    Find a nice relaxing spot to read...and try to find a happy place.
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    All new Ford EV truck coming in 2025

    Looks like Ford is taking notes from giga-Texas with their "Mega-Sites" Blue Oval City - next-generation full-size pickup platform The...
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    No Quad; Yes to onewheel

    Just something else to chat about while we all wait patiently. I don't want the cyber quad, but I would sure as hell take an integrated charging onewheel in the tailgate, or side sails, or bed panel, or frunk. It doesn't have to be the onewheel brand. Tesla could make their own version...
  9. SpaceYooper

    Edison the bed cover

    I'm guessing vaporware, and I doubt it comes to production, but if someone wanted to take the CT and make it look more conventional and then name it after Tesla's human rival...oh wait, I guess that's what they did. I do like the bed cover idea.
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    How come there isn't a Tech forum for real maintenance opposed to just cosmetic maintenance? I admit I didn't look at EVs prior to the CT. I still don't. So maybe the topic of this article is old news to Tesla and other EV enthusiasts, but it scares the hell out me...
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    Golf clubs that is. Thinking of buying some PXGs. Good prices right now. Wondering if anyone has hit them before. The nearest fitter is over 90 miles from me, so if I make the trip to get fitted, I'm not going home empty handed.
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    What would prevent your purchase?

    (Edited over the years as Qs get answered. All edits in blue) Short version: If you intend on purchasing today, and knowing what we know today and what we don't know yet; when the final product and pricing is revealed, what would prevent you from making the purchase? Extended read: I reserved...
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    Tax incentive

    So $12.5k if the vehicle is US made by union workers and $10k if the vehicle is US made by non-union workers. Incentive now (potentially) based on 50% of sales being electric vs the old incentive of 200k per manufacturer. I caveat the rest of what I'm about to say with the statement that I'm...
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    What will be the next confirmed reveal regarding the CT

    Outside of the CT reveal 18 months ago, there really has been any factual reveals about the CT, other then the comment we assume to be true from Elon that the CT will not have door handles. I'm not even the sure the yoke steering wheel has been confirmed. Also not sure the testing in Alaska...
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    Another Baja opportunity to see EV platform perform

    C'mon...if Lordstown can be there, surely Tesla can too! San Felipe 250 Race in Baja California
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    You get one question answered

    In lieu of no CT news for Christmas I guess we can dream a little. If you got one twitter tweet to Elon and his CT team and they promised to give a single straight answer to one and only one question; what would you ask them? Here's mine; What is battery pack size for the Tri-motor CT?
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    Keyless entry

    I feel like this question must have already been asked, but either the search is not working or it hasn't been asked. I saw a FB post asking this same question and I didn't like the answers, so I'm hoping some different ones come up here. I like Ford's exterior keypad entry system. I don't...
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    Justify the cost to own

    Trucks are expensive. I know. I've always owned them. The CT (tri-motor in particular) is not cheap. For those willing to lay it out there, I would like to see the pure math argument for ownership. I know there are environmental concerns and other wholistic arguments about the way Tesla does...
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    Cybertruck warranty will be important

    Warranties are going to be important for CT owners. Looking at Tesla’s current warranties and comparing them to the current truck warranties out there, I would say Tesla’s warranties are better, but it's hard to compare as these are for vehicles that don't generally get used & abused the way a...
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    Cybertruck RTI (Ramp Travel Index) specs

    RTI - Ramp Travel Index is one of those semi-obscure numbers used to help determine a truck's...or Jeep's ability to really off road and crawl over obstacles while keeping wheels on the ground. Good explanation here I'm not concerned that the CT have an extreme RTI to off road, but I would...