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  1. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    Here is the problem with your logic. See GM will turn out lemons like they are in a lemonade making contest. Just because they screwed the pooch on the volt and big time on the bolt (just remember GM And Ford were getting millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to come up with a viable EV...
  2. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    So the only redeeming or good feature is the tailgate? Why buy it then? I say aim a bit higher. We have been disappointed so many times by chevy that a working tailgate is a cause for celebration. Lets first see if the truck will last longer than the bolt before we start giving accolades to gm...
  3. CyberTruck competitor Chevy Silverado EV looks pretty good

    The only problem here is that it is actually a ford, so it’s junk. The same problem chevy has. After owning both chevys and fords I am reconciled to buying something, anything else!
  4. Cybertruck Affordability and Volume

    Things not needed on my CT; crab walk, 4 wheel steering, hidden door handles or no handles this will leave me stranded at some point I Am certain of that, a 4th motor, or a 3rd motor or the 2nd in fact, the only reason I am getting the CT is because of the SS body and thats it. That is the...
  5. Delivery dates of CT and Cybertruck Van

    I would prefere a cybervan over the truck if the van had the vault top or some other removable top. Think old vw bus with fabric slider top. None of these renderings inspire me to want one. Canoo has a cool style but not very practical as a hauler or a camper van. That 2025 one with 600 range...
  6. Bird droppings on stainless steel

    You are not going to want to wax stainless as a owner of a stainless steel boat the wax will just bake white in the sun. Just look to the boating industry for maintenance stuff they have been dealing with both bird poop and stainless for a long time. Plenty of products to keep the cybertruck...
  7. Bird droppings on stainless steel

    Don’t park under trees! Problem solved. Or if you do park under trees don’t lick your cybertruck. if you need that mulberry taste and nothing else will do, get some jam instead. Just a suggestion?
  8. What Everyone is Missing w/ Quad Motor Cybertruck.

    There are already patents in process for hydrogen and other fueled charging slide ins with significant battery storage. Think uhaul type one way rentals. Point to point for ultra long distances without charging stations like the Al-Can or super cold weather conditions. Not designed for tesla but...
  9. Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    Tesla overcame motor, battery, pressing a single mono hull body, casting frames among a thousand other barriers. I think they can do a bed cover, come on!
  10. Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    There have been many roll up covers on the market prior to the vault cover. I can haul my quad on mine if my bed is full. Non issue!
  11. What Everyone is Missing w/ Quad Motor Cybertruck.

    I can easily see a in bed battery booster bank. I can also see trailer mounted battery banks for towing range. And if tesla doesn’t do it I will.