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  1. TI4Dan

    Does any CT owners planning on changing out their RV's or camp trailers for CT?

    I have truck camper that I am quite sure I will not be able to put on CT, I have given thought to what type of camper I might use for travel, folding to low profile Hi-Lo travel trailer, just hit the button to raise the roof and step in to finish trailer set up. I have seen Aliner and many other...
  2. TI4Dan

    Driving Cybertruck with defroster on in colder climate.

    Today I traveled to some appointments I had in another city, I drove over 230 miles from home and back. It has snowed here already and I had some thoughts on the dual motor range. I use the defrosters the whole time during the travels to warm the interior space and to keep the windshield clear...
  3. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    Cybertruck rolled out on stage with 35" tires made by Goodyear. At this time that particular tire is not in production with the special spoke moulding on the side wall. What rim and tires sizes would you like to see as a option? The rim size is not mentioned so this is my best guess. 35 12.5 r...
  4. TI4Dan

    2 or 3 motor vs 4 motor off road capabilities

    How effective Is Tesla's off road prowess compared to a Rivian. The Rivian having 4 motors ( one per wheel ) may have better wheel control then a Tesla Dual or Tri motor under extreme conditions. Tesla will have to use the braking system to transfer power to the wheel without traction, no...
  5. TI4Dan


    Did anyone else in big sky country plan on buying Cybertruck? I think it will excel in many uses and seasons. I plan on home charging mostly, Tesla has plans to expand the supercharger network and hopefully we get some along highway 2.