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  1. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    Yep... Tahoe (Meyers) as well! :).
  2. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    No, I am the SnowGOD. :) Was your picture @ Tahoe? :)
  3. Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Teardown Disassembly // 4 hours in 1 hour (The Limiting Factor - Part 1)

    The crushing force on those cans will be remarkable.
  4. Better safety through radar

    I just wanted to say that I am impressed by latest 4D radar with MIMO antenna array, it is quite impressive. Tesla's next gen radar unit (as Approved by FCC last week) seems to be 4D radar. It is almost as good as LIDAR, sans interference from rain or snow. Such a small unit! This is an exmaple...
  5. Better safety through radar

    The wavelength of LIDAR is susceptible to rain and snowflakes, RADAR operates at a much lower frequency (70-80Ghz), wavelenght is simply too long for rain detection, it goes through it with min attenuation.
  6. Cleaning Cybertruck

    I usually don't clean the exterior of my white Tesla Model Y but THIS gives me OCD. Looks like somebody attempted to clean it and it was not 'perfect'. Will all Cybertrucks look like this after few weeks of use?
  7. Stainless Steel Ceramic Coating

    I recently purchased a Samsung Stainless Steel refrigerator and it is very smooth (compared with my older refrigerators). For sure it has some sort of coating on it, it feels very glossy.
  8. Stainless Steel Ceramic Coating

    I know nothing about ceramic coatings on cars but they surely look shiny and easier to clean. I was watching a recent Cybertruck presentation (the second time when Elon and Franz von Holzhausen were pictured together near a Cybertruck) and I could not stop noticing a lot of fingerprints around...
  9. No Cybertruck Side Sails, for sure

    I was hoping for side sails (like in original marketing pics) but this high-resolution video of the rear of the Cybertruck convinced me that there are no side sails. Notice how the steel is not "cut' where it should be for door opening. Maybe the side sails moved towards the interior of the...
  10. New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    You also missed a handle. See the pillar above the passenger seat.
  11. Reasons for Drive-By-Wire

    HEre is proof, just this morning. notice how has the steering is. Considering the guy was operating a yoke....
  12. Am I looking at steer by wire? Notice the fast steering

    Wow the steering moves so fast at low speeds!. Could this be a steer-by-wire setup?
  13. Refrigerated Cybertruck Frunk?

    If I may add, a stainless steel mirror has a reflectivity factor of 60%. So Cybertruck will be 40-50% reflectivity. Under direct sunlight, the frunk will get around 500 watts of heat.
  14. Refrigerated Cybertruck Frunk?

    Raise your hand if you would like to see an insulated & refrigerated (or cooled) frunk. It would be quite easy to implement, the AC unit is nearby. Without cooling, the Frunk could get to BBQ level temperatures, esp when truck is stationary. :)
  15. No 800v for Model 3/Y, but maybe for Cybertruck?

    At home Cybertruck uses the internal AC-DC converter. So vehicle takes in 240VAC and produces ~400VDC to charge the battery pack. 800V packs seem to be a problem not for home charging scenario but for the SuperCharger scenario, which are DC fast chargers: CCS protocol permits any voltage from...
  16. Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    Elon just tweeted this: What does cybertruck body mean? Front, rear or entire body?
  17. Is Cybertruck under 3.5t (7000lbs)?

    Thank you for the explanation.
  18. Is Cybertruck under 3.5t (7000lbs)?

    Considering that Rivian truck is 7,158lbs and Ford F150 EV is 6,170 Lbs, both under 3.5t, what do you think the weight of the Cybertruck will be? NOTE: I would like to take my US Cybertruck for a vacation to EU however limits on my US driver's license (C class) are equivalent to only 3.5t in...