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  1. Friday

    Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall EV stores

    Visited a mall today for only 1 reason, to peruse the Tesla, Lucid, Polestar (future) storefronts. Saw a white Polestar next to us in traffic near the mall. For some reason it reminds me of a Buick sedan, especially in the taillights. Tesla store had no vehicles on floor. Talked to rep about...
  2. Friday

    Not TSLA but important development: Hyundai shuts down ICE R&D engine division Motor Group, South Korea's,into an electric vehicle manufacturer.&text=The move came as the,EVs more rapidly than expected.
  3. Friday

    Could this be a base for another Gigapress (Austin footage)?

    Saw this on Randy's latest upload. Could it be bases for the bigger Gigapresses (CT versions)? Or am I dreaming? Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 317 - 6/4/21 - Tesla Terafactory Texas - WET DAY AT GIGA TEXAS!
  4. Friday

    Another EV transportation device, cute, classic

    I can't help myself, this thing is cute and iconic. What a great era of reimagining vehicles we are in now. Not giving up my CT, but I can see the appeal of this type of design.
  5. Friday

    The Last Starfighter (Cyber)truck

    1984. Centauri's vehicle. Huh, looks vaguely familiar. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds.
  6. Friday

    Lowest height of access to driver's seat entry.

    Seeking information possibly unknowable at this point, but I have a family member with a disability of the left leg. A Dodge Grand Caravan is about the right height for them to enter and exit the driver's seat without too much difficulty. This disability doesn't affect driving an automatic...