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    Tesla's head of AI / Autopilot is leaving after 5 years

    All good for both, Tesla FSD have matured, and Andrej Karpathy have succeeded FSD mission. Dojo and the talented Tesla team can take it from here. The foundation is at Tesla (recipe and kitchen if that's what you call it). Grasshopper will become the teacher:), cycle of life. I think, in the...

    To believe or not believe...

    I am hoping Elon will surprise us all with the Ct delivery(a few will be enough to call it that) to the Employee(Elon himself of course).

    Cybertruck pic - in lowest air suspension mode & windows down

    Like all Tesla models with air suspension, it's an easy entry mode. I like that. These are my ideal modes, normal mode at 12", at highway speed will drop automatically to 10" and other option will be 16" for all terrain and the ultimate off road (crawl) mode will be at 20" with my 35" airless tires.

    Space Campers for Cybertruck is fantastic!

    I love great ideas for the CT but my wife prefer total comfort if she go with me for the traveling. I will stick with the reservation with Cyberlandr.

    Cybertruck spotted at Tesla booth at Michigan Formula SAE competition

    Man! The wiper and side mirrors grew on me. I love this Cybertruck.

    Elon Musk Financial Times Interview (Includes some Cybertruck content)

    Elon knows these numbers, so when he said something he would say it on the low side. To me, it does not matter what everyone speculating. The factory have to be in place before production start. People always trying to make predictions they know nothing of and complain about it. I would sit back...

    @SawyerMerrit discussed new CyberTruck model lineup: base, mid, tri, quad, plaid

    I do not buy into the 5 options setup. 3 options will be the most from Tesla. Here is my thought. Strat out line-up as planed, Base, dual, and tri-motor. Base (phased out)will eventually replaced by a mid range dual motor The quad motor will eventually replace the tri-motor Then, here come the...

    New Cybertruck Height Perspective Image ? ?✂️⬇️

    The Ct looks like it's at it lowest level for easy entry/exit. The normal height will be 4" higher which is 12". Off-road mode will increase another 4" to 16". I read somewhere, that the CT could rise as high as 20" for off road purpose. I hope this is the case. It will be awesome! Elon also...

    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    This is exciting time! The CT looks great when it dirty as well. I enjoy every CT news there are. CT fans/future owners who criticize the delivery timeline should think before post your crab. If this waisted your time, then go order other trucks. I been waiting since the unveil (2019) and will...

    Rumors of Two Cybertruck Versions (Including Smaller "Wolverine") & March Reveal Event

    I don't think Tesla want two versions at the same time, bad enough one needed to be good and mass produce for the waiting buyers. Nope, the story try to make Tesla look bad for over promise. I think Elon took note about not to over promise on delivery already. This article is just noise. I will...

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    Incorrect data. Why is showing this. I verified with Tesla Rep. There is no change to my position. What with your notes mean?

    What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    My first tow will be a trailer with my Model Y on it because I will drive over from Southern California, pick up my truck with the Cyberlandr installed. And many other things after that.

    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    It keep getting better for the CT. It has all the gimmicky other trucks are having and more, I like that. I mean tank turns is cool (unnecessary) but by using it you will suffer suspension components and I don't want to be broken down in the middle of nowhere. Unless it is my last resource. I...

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    Thanks Crissa, Update: I message Tesla Rep. and he said there was a typo in my email address when I placed my order (must be too excited and made a typo) so it stay in limbo? So with that, it automatic created a new account that does not belong to anyone but in my defense, The email me the...

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    My RN112754724. I thought 11274410 minus my number would give me my position in line? The reservation spreadsheet show I was in 10k placement (incorrect position?) but there is and error so I am now according to the the spreadsheet, my position is pushed to 124k position (correct position?). I...

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I don't care for any other trucks brand, I will wait for my CT. The long I wait, the more money I save to pay for it. Waiting for my dream truck is no big deal even though I want it yesterday. Why does it matter which truck comes out first. I will have mine in the end.

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    We will pick up our CT with the Cyberlandr. It’s going to be a great road trip home. I use Autopilot on my Model Y on the highway and 95% of the driving stress, gone. This time around, in my tri-motor, it even better experience. It hard to say anything better experience then a Tesla but this...

    Cybertruck Vs. F-150 Hybrid (Video)

    This is not an ideal comparison. Ford is putting a bandage on their issue and saying, look we made it better now. Still an ICE vehicle. Ford should just focus on BEV now and not hybrid. CT all stainless body BEV, everything else is icing on my cake. Enough said.

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I would go there and pick mine up if no shipping charge. I planning to visit the Texas TaraFactory with my CT later on when visitor project completed.

    Earliest Cybertrucks may get federal tax credit (400k more Teslas will qualify under GREEN Act)

    I hope this bill will coming into effect when I receive my CT, I am at over all 10k in line. It would icing on the cake for my Tri-Motor. I would add FSD.