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  1. Iacemoe

    4680 Battery Structural Pack Dropdown From Model Y

    The likelihood that tesla won't have LFP structural solved before Texas ramps to 1 million is extremely low. LFP structural will probably be sorted by end of Q4 this year at worst. To address your second concern; the cybertruck will use NMC for the tri/quad motor almost certainly (dual motor...
  2. Iacemoe

    Bored? Check out the digital dash I installed...

    So I have a 1970 Chevy C10 that I've owned for about 7 years. The old gauges were hit or miss (mostly due to bad grounds and other misc wiring issues) and I wanted to upgrade to something more modern. I looked at several options and settled on the Holley Digital Dash. I had previously installed...
  3. Iacemoe


    You can get a pretty reasonable stationary battery backup for about 7k. When they wire up your solar, you can have them make electrical provisions for a battery backup and hook this up to it. Honestly, the only cells i want for home stationary backup are LFP. Cycle life and full charge /...
  4. Iacemoe

    Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    Oh wow thats not bad at all... $1000 bucks for new screen. I think the CT is a 17" so might be a little more but as long as its in the same ballpark i don't mind. Recently bought an aftermarket digital dash from Holley for the old truck for $800. Would have thought a tesla screen would be...
  5. Iacemoe

    What would complete first...

    I think they are 3D printing houses out of concrete now. Maybe 3D print a statue of the CT and drop it in front of the Tera Factory?
  6. Iacemoe

    Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck production (under)estimate

    Jonas is bullish on the company as a whole, but many analysts are not understanding the cybertruck story. They think its a niche vehicle that wont be mass produced / adopted like the hummer. Once they start cranking out 1000+ per week they will "adjust" their models / price targets again. The...
  7. Iacemoe

    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    I think the answer is large scale battery deployments. This whole concept of trying to balance the grid within milliseconds by turning on and off production is archaic. If you can make the power now, then make it. Store it for later if its not needed and redeploy for later usage. Any local...
  8. Iacemoe

    Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    Not really. It's the best bang for the buck out there. The most compelling offering from many aspects. There is a reason people are here. There has never been anything like it. ?
  9. Iacemoe

    Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    They are the last of the "big 3" to announce a EV platform and architecture. I think the slide most revealing is the battery kWh pack size needed to attain the 500mi range. Basically they are saying 200kWh LiFePO4 battery pack is needed to reach 500mi range. No shocker there as this is pretty...
  10. Iacemoe

    Morgan Stanley estimates Cybertruck production volume to hit 100k/year in 2025 ??‍♂️

    They didn't have a terafactory that was specifically designed and engineered to prodduce their vehicles with the model 3. They literally made them in a tent. You could be right, but I'll take the over on that bet.
  11. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck Production Earlier Than Expected? Pilot line being built @ Fremont

    I agree with most of what you are saying here. So the plan on battery day was to have 100 Gwh of battery production capacity in '22. Let's just play with the idea that they need to fulfill 20k semi orders next year (500kwh battery packs). That's only 10 Gwh of batteries, which leaves 90 Gwh of...
  12. Iacemoe

    Towing Capacity

    The single motor will tow 7.5k max, dual motor version will tow 10k max, the tri motor will tow 14k max. Expect mileage while towing to drop significantly. Probably in the 40% to 50% range. Similar to what an ICE equivalent loses while towing the same load. If your truck now gets around 20mpg...
  13. Iacemoe

    GM evaluating second U.S. battery plant for EVs amid construction of $2.3 billion facility in Ohio

    "The automaker has announced that it will build 30 of them by 2025, with many going on sale in the U.S. " Cool. How many GWH of battery cells do they need to achieve their goal? How many of each model are they targeting as an annual run rate? Does LG / GM have contracts with suppliers in place...
  14. Iacemoe

    First principles pondering

    No cobalt for sure... but Nickel is definitely in recipe for the future of 4680 cells.
  15. Iacemoe

    The cost of driving an EV?

    I posted this in a previous thread regarding what it would cost to drive 200miles in a CT vs an ICE equivalent. Like Newton said, it depends on your local price of fossil fuel and electricity rates. Note that most areas have off peak rates for overnight which you can inquire about from your...
  16. Iacemoe

    Tesla Please Do This

    My wife HATES the look of the CT. However, I'm not paying 20k extra for a prettier less capable vehicle. Although the Rivian looks really good in black...
  17. Iacemoe

    How Will You Use The CT?

    I think most don't drive crew cab 1/2 tons now. The size is perfect. It doesn't need any dimensional changes that I can see. Park outside or build a bigger garage. This is designed to compete in the f150 market, not the Colorado / Ranger segment.
  18. Iacemoe

    Cybertruck is the Moneyball of the Truck Market

    Hahaha. "I'm concentrating on Nick Cola." I watch autoline and have for a few years. Its a decent show for the most part. This one was the most out of touch episodes I can remember. The boomers on there have gone from bringing up Tesla as a joke to finally realizing it's a legit player. Funny...
  19. Iacemoe

    Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    If they offer a standard spring option, I will definitely take it. Air ride is awesome when it works. The best part is no part. Will still take the onboard compressor though. Handy AF.
  20. Iacemoe

    You get one question answered

    Elon, what is your Fidelity account login information?