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  1. Alan

    Cybertruck Appearance @ Annual Shareholder Meeting in Texas

    start at 3:21. Not sure if just Copying a link wil work but easy to find. I’m assuming most of us listened to the meeting.
  2. Alan

    Cybertruck Appearance @ Annual Shareholder Meeting in Texas

    Coupled with the rest of musk’s answer it means more.
  3. Alan

    Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    The answers to the 4680 questions seemed somewhat evasive to me. My confidence level in deliveries next year has dropped. FSD has been coming next year for the last 4 yrs. I hope 4680 isn’t following the same path.
  4. Alan

    Ages of Cybertruck Owners Club members

    In a couple mOnths I jump to the 70+ category so it’s rising.
  5. Alan

    Bed length revisited

    this is a non professional rough but fairly accurate measurement. L track cutouts are 1 inch apart. Counting the visible holes I come up with 59 or 60. I drew a vertical line at the last visible hole and one at the corner of the bed. I measured the distance between the lines and drew anther line...
  6. Alan

    How to use 15k

    I wouldn’t do anything till the fed is done raising interest rates and selling off assets and the Ukrainian war is over.
  7. Alan

    New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    These are test vehicles. When testing airplanes we installed ratty flight test seats. Interior stuff was tested in ground moc-ups. I doubt we will see a final looking vehicle for a while.
  8. Alan

    New Cybertruck interior / dash photos - June 6, 2022

    My guess would be that’s a data collection system. When I worked for Boeing flight test we had all sizes of data systems. Under the center of the dash is probably a good place to tie into the cars various signals.
  9. Alan

    IDRA announces 9000T gigapress at open house in June

    On todays idra video it shows the pieces already painted in Tesla colors. It needs to be assembled and then go through testing. It will be awhile. Hopefully by the end of summer it will be working and the 4680 battery line will actually be producing battery’s in decent numbers.
  10. Alan

    Cybertruck Press (9000 Ton IDRA Giga Press) being assembled! [Confirmed by Elon Musk] 🍿

    Idra was having an event for the 9000t gigapress in June. Probably quite awhile before it gets tested and sent to Austin
  11. Alan

    Tesla removed from the S&P 500 ESG index

    We really need some cybertruck news. These threads are going to sink to arguing about religion next.
  12. Alan

    4680 inside the garbage container!!! Berlin

    I would guess they were props for the open house.
  13. Alan


    I ordered as soon as they opened it up……then my credit card said pending for 2 days. Ended up 130,000 in line. Really sucked.
  14. Alan

    Strong Non-Tesla EV presence at the 2022 New York International Auto Show

    These other EV,s may reach a point where they are equals to the Tesla’s but without a charging network it doesn’t matter. Tesla is still the only practical choice unless your looking for a commute only car.
  15. Alan

    Elon Musk calls out the UAW for embezzling money from its workers

    And for the most part that describes the red states which tend to take more from the federal government than they give.
  16. Alan

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Telling others what to do! Like taking away a womens right to chose…restricting are so full of bullshit your kind is terrified because you are going to become irrelevant.
  17. Alan

    Space for your toolbox, TIRE and Cyberquad.....Sail pillars.

    I have no problem with Tesla NOT building cars like everyone else. So far none of the teslas come with a spare and that’s fine. I’ll take the range instead of the spare. If I feel I’m going somewhere I may need it it will be thrown in the back.
  18. Alan

    Flying through Gigaberlin

    The Berlin models do not have the 4680 yet