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    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    Cost to the end consumer is always a factor. When Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes hits a certain price point a good number of shoppers choose store brands. Tesla may be the best, but if you price out your target consumer they chose a brand that fits their budget. Crissa makes a valid argument in that...

    Should Tesla 're-design the wheel' for CyberTruck?

    Does anyone here have any real world experience using airless tires on a car?

    2022 Tesla In Person Shareholder Meeting

    I am more interested in finding out how you apply for the in person event.

    Is $TSLA going to 600.00?

    Tesla is back over $700 today AND it is now #65 on the Fortune 100 list, up from 100 last year. I doubt the price drop had anything more than a temporary drop from the removal of the EGR list. Others took the drop as a buying opportunity...

    Rattleproof Cybertruck?

    You hear every interior noise because the exterior noise is greatly diminished. The lack of a cycling gasoline engine creates a white noise, it is loud enough that it drowns out interior noises. Your brain can now focus on that interior noise because your newer Tesla is so much more quiet inside...

    Cybertruck spotted at Tesla booth at Michigan Formula SAE competition

    You had me frightful for a few moments at the carnage which you were proposing. Where are these horizontal dumbasses whom we are to shoot? Besides being dumbasses - who may very well deserve to be shot - why are we shooting them? Don’t you think that is extreme even in this polarized society of...

    Tesla to Build a Battery & EV Factory in Indonesia, Minister Says

    Tesla to Build a Battery & EV Factory in Indonesia, Minister Says by Eva Fox May 20, 2022 Indonesia Tesla Tesla will build a battery and electric car factory in Indonesia, the...

    Tesla May Consider Building a Factory in Brazil

    Tesla May Consider Building a Factory in Brazil by Eva Fox May 20, 2022 After a meeting between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the President of Brazil, it became known that the manufacturer may...

    Why is the Tesla Yoke a Safety Risk and the Lexus Yoke Kinda Wonderful?

    The article references two different articles published by CNET. The author states explicitly that the anti-Tesla yoke writer has a unhidden anti-Tesla/Musk bias, the pro-Lexus yoke author was more open-minded. People really should read the article, not just headline surf and opine.

    Why is the Tesla Yoke a Safety Risk and the Lexus Yoke Kinda Wonderful? No, I didn’t copy and paste this article. Not practical when on one’s phone. Click the link and read the article. As John Lennon once sang, “It’s easy if you try.”

    Tesla employee undergoing Hot Form Stainless Steel Training

    Since this is an old process I wouldn’t get hung up on the one person from Tesla taking the class bit of information. It is highly likely others already have this knowledge and she is adding to her knowledge base.

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    Drop FSD to save $7000 in order to spend $20,000 (a net increase of $13,000). Why didn't I think of that? God, you are a financial genius! Do you work for the government? (NOTICE: Sardonic statement above.)

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    No. I am no millionaire or billionaire. Average Joe. $69,900 plus $7,000 FSD is way more than I can reasonably afford. If not for the long lead time to save and a small inheritance I would not be able to afford or justify the expense as it is. I could get a single or dual motor, but I need the...

    Where the GIGA Name Came from

    You must never have watched “Back to the Future” or any of the sequels. 1 point twenty-one jigawatts.

    FSD Transfer Confusion.

    I’m not talking about a used car you buy from Tesla, per se. I’m talking about a private sale from you to me. You sell your Y with FSD to me. You paid for FSD and you are selling it to me as “with FSD included.” I am buying it expecting that the price I pay you for the used Y with FSD once...

    FSD Transfer Confusion.

    According to the generally held consensus on these forms, full self driving is supposed to transfer from you to the new owner of your old Tesla. That is, unless you sell it back to Tesla. At that point they remove full self driving and sell it again to the new owner if they choose that option. I...

    Blast from the past: Bob Lutz "Tesla is headed to the graveyard"

    A three year old news story. My question, besides the obvious, “This didn’t age well” comment, is why it was placed here out of the blue? No tie in. No recent Tesla news connection. Nothing.

    CT Plaid - Interior by Mercedes

    You are always free to pimp your ride in whichever manner of luxury or exorbitance you choose. I'll take the stock interior option. The outside may end up looking like a Halo warthog battle wagon, but that is another story.

    This is a dumb question, but can Tesla's charge (via an adapter) from a Chargepoint CCS DCFC?

    A lot can change in the 3 years or more between now and when you get your Cybertruck. Tesla may build a Supercharger station near your destination or a destination charger may be added there. It is much too early to plan for these events yet. Congress did authorize a bunch of federal bucks to...