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  1. Cyberman

    Photos of Cybertruck at 2022 Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup)

    Yeah, that and it looks badass
  2. Cyberman

    At least one Cybertruck @ 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting

    One day. One day I won't pore over every detail of every pic or vid of the Cybertruck. One day, when it's in my driveway. Sigh. It's an exercise in patience.
  3. Cyberman

    Photos of Cybertruck at 2022 Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup)

    It's the one, the only, the original badass tank from Mars
  4. Cyberman

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    ...cold rolled stainless steel ball bearings.
  5. Cyberman

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    Well, it is California, so no.
  6. Cyberman

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    Pretty sure all waxes have a degree of wax buildup, eventually. Not a fan. Others like lacquer thinner. It's clean, but a bit harsh of a chemical. What's next, Aqua Regia? I like the KISS policy. Cold water only.
  7. Cyberman

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    I like it. The real deal laser tag.
  8. Cyberman

    Will USA bill enable TSLA to build its own “chips”?

    Anyone in chip fab has to keep up with Moore's, or just fade. And Tesla has been making its own chips for a while now, but went with not silicon, but silicon carbide, which reduces energy loss by 50%, and is more durable than the status quo. Another way Tesla is just better than the competition.
  9. Cyberman

    Unless a new class of buyer joins, there will not be many takers at $85k+ for a pickup

    OK, I like your bottom line. The Cybertruck's getting cheaper every day!!!
  10. Cyberman

    Musk says Tesla Raw Materials prices trending down.

    See? Even Elon is making a case for a lower price than advertised on reveal!!! 😁
  11. Cyberman

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Don't worry, been there, done that. I'm now retarded.
  12. Cyberman

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Y'know, it really sucks that I listened to this. I'm now pretty obsessed with it, it's stupid and embarrassing, c'mon man, I listen to Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Beatles, STONES, AC/DC, Ozzy, Metallica 'n shit like that. Now I have hide to listen to this shit, 'cause I can't have anyone I know seeing...
  13. Cyberman

    When to expect delivery when i'm 270,000 place in line.

    So, I'm 216,000 in line, when I checked the online reservation figure-outer it told me August 2023. This was back in 2020 or so. I remember thinking, no friggin' way is it going to take that long. Now, it seems a little pie-in-the-sky. I think they'll produce 100,000 per year pretty quickly. So...
  14. Cyberman

    "Cyber Roundup" trademarked by Tesla

    Yeah, like let's all collectively cancel our reservations in guys go first.
  15. Cyberman

    Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    Agreed. It's common knowledge that the moment you take possession of Cybertruck you leap 40 years into the future.
  16. Cyberman

    Autopilot is a 6k upgrade

    The base model of "Stay in your lane, Stupid assist" is a cup of coffee.
  17. Cyberman

    Canada rolls out Med/Heavy duty ZEV rebates, Will Cybertruck qualify to 2B class?

    Dumb Canadians. It's so simple. Why don't they just offer a rebate for everyone living here in California? :D
  18. Cyberman

    Auto Poppin’ Doors (Model X Preview)

    They should be grateful to wear them dings as badges of honor. Like, their brush with greatness.