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  1. CT vs Y price differential

    Assuming a $7500 tax credit is approved. Quad: $89.9k Tri (reserve holders only $79.9k): Quad but limited to 75% power output, towing, other quad only functions, $10k upgradeable to unlock for up to 90 days after the purchase = Full blown Quad. After 90 days unlock price increases to $15k-$20k...
  2. Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    Quad CT at $120k on the face of it, I could swallow that price tag assuming a 500+ mile range. What I am more concerned about is first run issues. At $70k for the CT3 I reserved, first run has its issues but was offset by decent pricing. I am going to want free supercharging for life and a 10...
  3. Munro Live interview - Ford CEO Jim Farley, Chief Engineer Linda Zhang, and Chief EV Officer Doug Field

    I have watched most of this interview. IMO, the hardball question of vertical integration leaves me to believe that Ford is light years behind and doesn't even have a well thought out strategy going forward. I would not have wanted to be Jim Farley being interviewed by Sandy. I commend Sandy...
  4. Tesla can now price the Cybertruck (after tax credit bill deal)

    I am not sure I am all in with the "at any cost" solution. I will say though just running some numbers with the assumption that Tesla will sell 1 million vehicles in the US in 2023 with a 50% growth (year over year) going forward that equates to ~$128 Billion dollars in tax rebates for Tesla...
  5. Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    I completely agree on two fronts, one they likely can exceed those numbers with their initial equipment investment and if demand rises, they will not simple ignore it, they will expand the equipment to reach even higher rates. They have a goal of 20 million vehicle run rate per year, they will...
  6. Cybertruck aerodynamics drag coefficient = 0.39 Cd in new simulation

    Redesign the CT so that it has such a bad Cd that pulling a trailer actually improves the Cd. :) This allows full bragging rights of how much more efficient the truck is vs other competitors for towing. LOL
  7. Autopilot is a 6k upgrade

    Yes that is standard equipment (free) on all current Tesla's as I understand it.
  8. Fortune favors the patient

    Once you see what a AVAILABLE CT will sell for on the open market, your plan could very well change plans. Sell stock, purchase CT, sell extra CT(s) for profit, repurchase even more stock.
  9. Fortune favors the patient

    *If* Tesla honors the original pricing almost all of the reasons are moot. I believe people will buy them purely because a better deal cannot be had even projecting 5 years out.
  10. Truck stops will be the best fit for charging network for CT’s pulling trailers. Why not, where will Tesla semi’s charge? 😉

    As ICE vehicles die, I would imagine the pumps for them as well will start to disappear. I would believe that over time gas stations will replace some their pumps with charging stations thus pull throughs would be available. It is only a matter of time IMO.
  11. Price Increases?

    Threading needles here, but we have reservations not pre-orders.
  12. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    I agree and more specifically (IMO) it would work like the following. Make CTx4 until either batteries, motors, or orders become a constraint then switch to CTx2 order fulfillment. This should in theory maximize revenue and profit while balancing resources available.
  13. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    I am going to go out on a limb here and disagree for the following reasons. From a ramp up perspective the first runs coming off the line will be slow and not get the full costing advantages of scale. That being said, a higher profit margin CTx4 motor variant can help to offset those cost...
  14. Will Cybertruck be equipped with the new Tesla battery and motor?

    It should be equipped with the 4680 cells but the chemistry is unknown for the CT at this time, likely the same as the MY is using but not a guarantee. The motor(s) is unknown as well but possibly the same motor as the S Plaid? The motors is really hard to say honestly as it could vary...
  15. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    I am not surprised at all about Lucid being slightly more efficient than the Model S. I am doubtful that a ton of focus on improving the S is going on since the Plaid version arrived and even then it was more focused on performance than efficiency really. Tesla has much higher volume vehicles...
  16. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    I unfortunately agree. I believe it would be more advantageous however for the first 100k to be delivered as broadly geographically as possible for visibility and brand recognition, i.e. free advertising.
  17. Cybertruck (w/ 2 piece windshield wiper) trotted out for Tesla's Moss Landing Megapack Battery System commissioning ceremony!

    I really like how the below image shows how long the bed portion actually is. With a camera angle just slightly moved a bit more to an angle and it makes the CT look like its bed size is very short. The triangular shapes on the truck really create some optical illusions.