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  1. futureproof

    Why extend the roof?

    Any theories on why they extended the rear portion of the glass roof, which used to line up with the rear edge of the rear doors? (Aesthetically I liked it better before.) Assuming this change doesn't add leg room in the backseat by moving the seats backwards (and therefore doesn't shorten the...
  2. futureproof

    New Official Cybertruck Footage - Shot by Tesla in NYC & Gigafactory

    Footage from Tesla showroom - on the TV.
  3. futureproof

    Center Seat Delete Campaign!

    I don't know about you all, but I think the Cybertruck would be better *without* the front center seat, and a more typical center console instead. Maybe if enough of us make enough noise we can get the powers that be to listen. Who's with me? #centerSeatDelete
  4. futureproof

    What is Tesla's stance on wireless charging?

    I just watched this YT video on the viability of wireless charging for EV's, which seems like a no-brainer to me and the inevitable future, and am wondering if this is on Tesla's radar at all. Tesla has a vested interest in reducing/eliminating range anxiety, and also in an autonomous fleet...