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  1. jasonatsr

    Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    I disagree that CT3 reservation holders will be given priority configuration opportunities. When reservations began at the 2019 unveiling, there was no indication that any of the 3 trims would be built ahead of the others and in fact, many speculated that the CT1 would be first off the line. I...
  2. jasonatsr

    Cybertruck joins the Tesla autopilot team at CVRP Conference

    Initial prototype with door handles, no wiper, etc. Unfortunately, nothing new to see here.
  3. jasonatsr

    “New” Cybertruck Photos with vault cover closed

    I'm just happy to know they apparently haven't abandoned the vault cover in favor of adding a mid-gate. I was beginning to have my doubts.
  4. jasonatsr

    What will be the Cybertruck "wave"?

    Well it's fairly obvious, isn't it? The CT is a shocking design — how 'bout, The Shocker?