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  1. Bigvbear

    Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    Remember Kids this is "Elon Time" so just like the immortal Mr. Scott, you must multiply your estimates by a factor of 4.
  2. Bigvbear

    Price Increases?

    I said it long ago, you will never see a 39k cybertruck. The reality is Tesla promises lower prices but never has delivered, partly because they take years between reveal and production and costs go up the longer they delay.
  3. Bigvbear

    Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    "mid-2023" sadly that's in "elon time" which means mid 2025 in real life.
  4. Bigvbear

    Cybertruck Makes Appearance @ Cyber Rodeo!

    Did anyone notice that the side sail openings appear to be gone from this version? It's solid metal from the vault cover to the wheels, no seam for the sail to open.
  5. Bigvbear

    GM’s Super Bowl commercial, where’s Tesla’s?

    The problem is, Tesla has far more demand than capacity to build vehicles right now. Advertising does not make sense. Why would you drive more sales you can't fulfill? Just makes for angry customers.
  6. Bigvbear

    Dubai's police force fight crime in million-dollar supercars and Elon Musk Cybertruck

    Just remember kids, next time you are pumping gas into your ICE, you are funding this.
  7. Bigvbear

    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    actually it will be one big fat liar and propagandist only loved by a certain cult
  8. Bigvbear

    Instrument Cluster Display + Auto Shift Out Of Park + Steering Yoke confirmed in new Cybertruck pics @ Giga Texas

    It's not Photoshop. It is an aftermarket kit. Been around for a bit.
  9. Bigvbear

    Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    I personally, am not a fan of the no door handles. Yes it looks cool and all, but from a practical standpoint, you will have to explain to every passenger how to open the door (is there a door release on the touchscreen?). Also how does it work with gloved hands?
  10. Bigvbear

    Side sail area?

    Maybe they went one better and the whole side lifts up (like a gull wing door)
  11. Bigvbear

    Tesla Develops 12,000-Ton Giga Press for Production of the One-Piece Car Body

    True, but if they can pull it off, it will be a major game changer. Not to mention opens up a world of design possibilities
  12. Bigvbear

    Reuters: Tesla delays production of Cybertruck to early 2023

    shhh dont burst his maga bubble
  13. Bigvbear

    Cybertruck price increase?

    Well if my experience with Tesla's solar roof is any indication. When i made my reservation 2 years ago it was estimated at 28,000 + 7k for the powerwall for my house. Now its 85,000 + 10k for the powerwall. take that as you will.
  14. Bigvbear

    LK Machinery 9000 Ton press - Which Acquired IDRA in 2008

    unless they radically change the semi design, it's currently a more traditional body on frame semi truck design. Which, in reality, is easy to manufacture.
  15. Bigvbear

    Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    the breaker on the far left of the picture says 50 amps, this appears to be a 100 amp capable subpanel but they only put a 50 amp breaker, probably due to the underlying wiring being used. you can only do 80% of the rating of the circuit without risking overload and i see you already have four...
  16. Bigvbear

    Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    Couple of things. First off the wall connector is not a charger. Its a connection to the AC of the house. The charger is onboard the vehicle. This may sound like semantics, but its not. The Gen 2 wall connector was capable of 80 amp output, but only a few models of teslas could use that to...
  17. Bigvbear

    $20M Lawsuit filed against Tesla after accident that injured 5 police officers

    Feel sorry for the guys, but I bet they would not be suing Ford if it had been an Explorer. Autopilot isn't designed to be the designated driver.
  18. Bigvbear

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I've said it several times in these forums. Tesla has yet to meet a target release date. Everyone was like "oh the Ct will be different" nope.
  19. Bigvbear

    Joe sicked his dogs on Tesla [Deleted due to POLITICS]

    Apparently not, that does not fit the anti joe narrative of some in the cult.