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  1. Neo

    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    I think offering all of these motor options are foolish, feels like the rabbit hole Apple has gone down... Make a Quad-Motor only, no transfer case needed, then offer 2 or 3 battery pack sizes and be done with it. That should keep the pricing more modest, something like $70k | $80k | $90k based...
  2. Neo

    Tesla AC -> cool?

    I'm hoping better than my Porsche... The Germans treat air conditioning like a cup holder - non-important...
  3. Neo

    FINALLY! 4680 Battery Pack Lid Off Tesla Model Y Update - Sandy Munro --

    boy, that was insightful, no wonder people think he's a genius... 🤦🏻
  4. Neo

    Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    For sure I will need pull through charging as I will be full-time pulling a toy hauler.
  5. Neo

    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    We finally get an actual truck!!! So ordering the 4xMotor! I wonder if we can keep our place in line if swapping?
  6. Neo

    Making do without the Cybertruck

    I like to tow in style, comfort and performance…
  7. Neo

    Making do without the Cybertruck

    I bought this Porsche Cayenne Turbo to pull my 6,500lb Toy Hauler Conversion while I patiently wait for the CT...
  8. Neo

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    I do have a car, it’s a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, until Elon delivers my Tri-Motor Cybertruck…
  9. Neo

    CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    If I could replace the ICE, transfer case and transmission with 4 electric motors - I certainly would...
  10. Neo

    While waiting for my CyberTruck...

    I bought a Porsche Cayenne Turbo to haul my toy hauler trailer, 500hp | 500ftlbs Torque.
  11. Neo

    CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    I have never seen a stock full sized Dodge, unmentionable or Ford at the places I've been even with my Hilux. They just don't have the entry/exit angles nor the lockouts to make it through. Sure I've seen some heavily modified, but far and few between. Elon designed the CT to have possibly the...
  12. Neo

    CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    Yes, ultimate traction control for rock crawling, winter roads, mud, hauling a trailer through terrain, what actual trucks do. california trucks look pretty and drive around on streets, a single motor or dual motor would be more than sufficient, but those of us who want an actual truck want 1...
  13. Neo

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I'll fly to Austin from here and pick it up and take the tour for sure, I wouldn't miss it for the World.
  14. Neo

    CyberTruck vs Rivian R1T?

    Their 4 Motor design makes it an actual truck, one motor per wheel is the only way to go and I hope Elon realizes this and offers it to the california mom "truck"... And yes, I have ordered the 3 motor option, just hoping Tesla get's it right.
  15. Neo

    Tow hitch, electrical connection and in cab brake controller

    Outside of getting into the Tesla Ecosphere, this is my second driving factor to buy the Cybertruck over the Rivian... I'm building a 7x18' Toy Hauler Conversion to weigh in at 5,800 lbs.
  16. Neo

    Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    Stainless would be wayyyyyyyyyyyy too heavy... This is why in frames it's a box, I-beam, C channel or other mostly hollow form. There is no need to cast those shapes. Based on the properties of Aluminum and SS, it makes most sense to cast Aluminum for it's strength to weight ratio. My 2 cents.