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    Study Finds Greater Greenhouse Gas Reductions For EV Pickup Trucks Than Light-Duty Vehicles

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    Gigafactory Texas costs $1 billion according to approval filings by Tesla Tesla files for Gigafactory Texas approval, reveals budget for first phase November 22, 2021 Tesla has filed for approval of the first phase of Gigafactory Texas with the Texas Department of...
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    MEGA X Cybertruck Announced by Mattel - 3,000 Piece Lego-Style Truck Ordering Opens October 15, 2021, 9AM PT THE FUTURE IS HERE – AND YOU CAN BUILD IT BUILD THE TRUCK OF THE FUTURE Everyone at MEGA loves the Cybertruck as much as you do, so we are excited to introduce you to our latest iteration...
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    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    Just in from Elon: In end, we kept production design almost exactly same as show car. Just some small tweaks here & there to make it slightly better. No door handles. Car recognizes you & opens door. Having all four wheels steer is amazing for nimble handling & tight turns!
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    Tesla Consider Russian Production, Says Musk

    Tesla eyeing Russian production, Musk says CEO says automaker could be 'close to establishing' a presence in the country Bloomberg May 21, 2021 Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the electric-car maker is close to establishing a presence in Russia and is looking at whether it could open factories...
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    Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey

    Via Teslarati The Ford F-150 Lightning might be an extension of America’s best-selling workhorse and the GMC Hummer EV might be the electric iteration of a gas-guzzling monster, but it appears that the US electric pickup market is already looking towards its upcoming favorite. As per the...
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    ? Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    Updated with reversing video: Updated with video: It's been too long since we last saw you! :eek: And you look better than ever wearing with some dirt and mud. :love: Elon Musk was visiting Giga Austin Texas today and showed up in this! Thank you to Jamie S. for sending in some of...
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    Independent Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Analysis Yields 0.34 Cd

    Posted by pkrcm on Reddit. Cybertruck drag analysis with Ansys Fluent. Coefficient of Drag = 0.34 (2.8m poly-hexcore cells, k-omega SST turb. model)
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    Tesla now offering collision repairs in service centers Tesla service now includes collision repairs, fulfilling Elon Musk’s 2018 promise January 29, 2021 Tesla notified customers on Friday that the company’s service centers will now offer collision repairs...
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    Tesla hunts for design chief to create cars (Model 2?) for China Exclusive: Tesla hunts for design chief to create cars for China - sources January 10, 2020 BEIJING (Reuters) - Tesla Inc is searching for a design director in...
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    Tesla, Rivian, Lucid & Others Form ZETA, an Industry Group to Advocate EVs

    "Twenty-eight companies in the electric vehicle industry, including big names like Tesla, Lucid, and Rivian, have joined forces to create a new organization called ZETA, with the goal to push for 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030." Sources: Electrek The Verge Founding members : ABB...
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    CNBC: "Who will win the EV pickup truck race?" - Cybertruck vs Rivian vs Hummer

    CNBC: There are a slew of electric pickup trucks slated to hit the market next year. Tesla’s Cybertruck, GM’s Hummer EV, Rivian’s R1T and Lordstown Motor’s Endurance to name a few. Ford, which has dominated the pickup truck market for decades with the F-150, is also planning an electric truck...