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  1. No-ICE

    Invest in charging stations?

    Couple thinks I would like to see more of: Solar canopy covers at Super charging stations. Good for both rainy & sunny days 2. More Tesla level 2 charging at grocery store and other shopping locations -N.ICE
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    How many CT3 reservation holders would change to a CT2 if only CT2 were produced for the first 18 months.

    I don't need 1,100 HP but I do need 500 miles of range. -N.ICE
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    Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Teardown: Specs Revealed! (Part 2) - [The Limiting Factor]

    As I understand it… One of the major benefits of the 4680 form factor was the ability build a battery manufacturing line with a relatively low capital expense and foot print. This would facilitate extreme mass production of batteries. The CT and Semi are going to need a boat load of Batteries...
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    One could make the argument… if a 2 seat, 3-wheel Robo-Taxi was designed from the ground up to be super safe. For Example: Stainless Steel Exoskeleton with roll cage Air Bag equipped Low center of gravity Full Self Driving It would be many times safer than any motor cycle or 3-wheeler on the...
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    During the 22Q1 conference call a reference was made about a robot taxi that would not look like a traditional car. It got me thinking, what would the most efficient robot taxi look like…? I am speculating it will be a three 3 wheeled, stainless steel, LFP, single motor, solar panel equipped...
  6. No-ICE

    Anyone else catch the 800v comment in the earnings call Q1 2022?

    My understanding is that higher voltage allows the engineers to design systems with thinner copper wire. Perhaps this is where some of the cost reduction comes from. I have always thought EVs should convert the traditional 12 volt systems to 24 or 48 volts to allow for less copper wire by...
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    Munro's new ride... Rivian

    Seeing and reading all the glowing reviews of the Rivian R1T makes me even more excited about the CT. Why? Because Tesla will not let any Truck out class their CT. N.ICE
  8. No-ICE

    Rivian Truck spotted in San Diego

    There is a pent up demand for electric pickups. Rivian was first out of the gate with the R1T and the R1T appears to be an excellent truck. Rivian now needs to ramp up the production fast to take advantage of their first to market lead. N.ICE
  9. No-ICE

    Trailer towing Rivian test, range and regen resulting in Rockies

    The RT1 video showing a very challenging stretch of road to tow a heavy trailer (Step, Long & at high altitude) is an excellent demonstration of the strengths and current weakness of towing with an EV truck. I believe the CT will do a much better job, due to the fact the CT will have a larger...
  10. No-ICE

    Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss

    Towing at 73 mph your range will drop significantly vs Towing at 55 mph. Just takes longer to get to your destination. So the chose is, wait longer at Supercharging stations or sit longer behind the wheel (Yoke) while towing. N.ICE
  11. No-ICE

    Towing Camping Trailers

    I see a huge opportunity for an auxiliary battery packs for EV trucks. Something to put in the bed of the truck when towing. It would be best if plugged in to an aux port while towing, thus available while towing. And recharged while the truck is being charged. N.ICE
  12. No-ICE

    CT Solar - Cost Estimations/etc

    I hope Tesla makes the solar panel a standard feature. The CT will not fit in my garage thus it will be parked outside in the sunny Southwest all day long. Please provide Solar! Charging ! N.ICE
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    How many Miles Will my EV Get When Towing?

    I am guessing a 500 mile range CT will only be able to go 300 miles towing a big box trailer. (Just an estimate). Then taking into consideration you would not want go to a zero charge just as you arrive at a charging station, one must plan on making a charging stop every 270-280 miles of...
  14. No-ICE

    Cybertruck did NOT have windshield wipers & rear mirrors. What will it have INSTEAD?

    Mirrors vs Cameras for Towing.. With all the discussion recently about Side mirror or cameras, I hope the Tesla Engineers and Designers are considering the need for visibility while towing a travel trailer. I plan to use my future CT extensively for towing a travel trailer. Not sure if the...