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  1. samroy92

    Cybertruck Range Prediction + Cell Calculation + More [Sources]

    Hi everyone, I have been wanting to put these predictions together for a while and now we finally have some concrete data. We do still have to make some assumptions on the Cybertruck itself as well as what 4680 yields will be in a year so this will be a range. TLDR at bottom. Lets start with...
  2. samroy92

    Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    WholeMars usually has accurate leaks but I can't find a source, any one else know about any details?
  3. samroy92

    Rumor: Cybertruck Gigapress set to begin operating next month!

    2022 limited production is still on the menu. Speculation of course!
  4. samroy92

    Cybertruck Solar Roof + Cover Potential [Photoshop]

    This is obviously ugly as sin but its the best Photoshop skills I can muster up. This demonstrates the solar area potential of the Cybertruck: Does anyone have any rough measurements we can use to generate a usable surface area? A typical residential panel is 66"x41" and can produce around...