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  1. EVCanuck

    Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    Is there any possibility that we will still have a 40k Cybertruck?
  2. EVCanuck

    Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    Hope you'll be around when Cybertruck is being produced
  3. EVCanuck

    New Cybertruck Height Perspective Image ? ?✂️⬇️

    These pictures are so wrong, it's like they are part of a closed club that can experience the CT while more than a million reservation holders are waiting to find out at least some kind of timeline
  4. EVCanuck

    CT mission accomplished

    I instinctively have read the title as: "CT mission impossible"
  5. EVCanuck

    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Elon should invite as well Neil Young to try the CT
  6. EVCanuck

    Instrument Cluster Display + Auto Shift Out Of Park + Steering Yoke confirmed in new Cybertruck pics @ Giga Texas

    That's probably the plan but then Tesla will decide that it's too much complexity for the production process and they will include it on all trims...
  7. EVCanuck

    Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    Will be available as an option for law enforcement agencies.
  8. EVCanuck

    Rumors of Two Cybertruck Versions (Including Smaller "Wolverine") & March Reveal Event

    Maybe they can't get the 8T gigapress in a timely manner so they can only make castings for a smaller truck with the 6T gigapress... If it's not that, this news sounds BS to me. Elon now hates announcing new products and not being able to fulfill them.
  9. EVCanuck

    FSD improving your reservation position.

    Price of FSD increases to $12k next week
  10. EVCanuck

    2022 production estimate removed from Cybertruck order page on

    this information is irrelevant to whoever reserves the CT from this point forward
  11. EVCanuck

    Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    You are not wrong, but you aren't optimistic either
  12. EVCanuck

    Tesla says it won't honor retroactive Full Self-Driving FSD pricing for discontinued models

    My best guess is that: CT single-motor is going away for good dual-motor will be pushed as far into the future as possible (just like M 3/Y LR is now) tri-motor keeps its price and there will be 2 variants 500miles+ with the original 70k pricing 300miles+ starting from 55k-65k quad-motor will...
  13. EVCanuck

    Cyberwhistle (limited edition) on Tesla Shop

    It'll whistle back at you
  14. EVCanuck

    Did Nano One just enter a Cathode Evaluation Agreement with Tesla?

    Any news from this company? The stock seems to be "cheap" rn