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  1. Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    Has anyone seen the wiper in motion yet? I think it's going to be more of a pantograph type wiper used on buses/trucks. Like in this example No. 6. but with a single arm.
  2. Why extend the roof?

    To make the Cyberlander even less useful than it already is. But more than likely to make the roll top cover shorter and take up less space when stored. And and maybe to make a pass through easier. Crossing fingers on the last one.
  3. LED Failure?

    Ours too. Late 2016 Model S 75D. I've never noticed if early or later models have that or not but I think they do.
  4. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    The new photos show an angled arm vs a straight arm. And it just looks more like a finished product vs a hobbled together item.
  5. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    I am pretty sure this is in TX. There was drone footage of a Cybertruck being off loaded from an enclosed trailer.
  6. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    The wiper in the new photos is different from the one from the drone footage. Not a lot different but it is different, so this one might be the production wiper.
  7. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    I still think it will travel vertically across the windshield vs in an arc. It looks like there is a pivot around the middle of the arm. Hopefully we will get more details very soon.
  8. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    Not sure if the statement about fixed headlights is true or not. On the MiniCoopers I've seen the hood has holes in it and the headlights stay put.
  9. What will be the Cybertruck "wave"?

    Just hit your windshield washer and trigger the massive wiper blade. That sure should get everyones attention.
  10. Lightning Dealer Markups

    I would only sign something like that if the dealer sold it a MSRP or less. Which is also unlikely to happen. For me to give up my right to sell there would have to be some benefit that I would gain. Even then I am not sure I would agree to this. I think this just might be a way to limit...
  11. Giga Texas Open House - Am I Eligible to Attend?

    What is shows is that you have patience. The neck on that bottle is tiny. It must have taken you a while to transfer the Costco tequila into your Tesla bottle. I use mine as an infinity bottle. I pour the last once or so of a bottle into it and it still is a pain.
  12. Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    I am hoping that they needed to shorten the tonneau cover for reasons that make it easier for there to be a functioning mid gate.
  13. ? [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    The front windshield has a definite curve in it now. The rear of the roof is longer now. It may overhang a portion of the bed. Or is the bed shorter now. The front end looks about the same to my eyes. Not shorter, not longer.
  14. Fiery deaths?

    It's a shame that the final analysis will never get the publicity that the original stories got. It's just not as interesting to the general public.
  15. ? New Cybertruck video showing (removable) side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    Not necessarily. Those "mirrors" may not be mirrors at all but cameras mounted on an extended mount for better trailer viewing angles. Far to low a resolution to tell much but still something new is great news. And no door handles ;)
  16. Rivian is targeting Texas for second truck factory

    Will Rivian have dealerships? I don't think that is the plan. Then they will run into some of the same problems Tesla does selling in TX. Hopefully they go ahead with the factory in TX and can join forces with Tesla in getting the dealer lobby rules changed.
  17. Is factory pick-up a no-go for 2 more years?

    Texas Delivery- Currently you buy online from Tesla in CA and take delivery in TX. It's a little bit of a hassle with some extra paperwork but all new auto sales from dealers have some of that too. When you register the car you pay the sales tax and get your plates. It's a separate process...
  18. Rear Wheel Steering

    We don't know what he meant by rear wheel steering yet. Is it full active steering like the crab walking Hummer or just a passive system that only turns a couple of degrees either way (opposite direction of front at slow speeds and same as front at high speeds). I am betting on the latter. I...
  19. Cybertruck Energy Consumption at Slow Speeds

    I imagine would be a long way. Someone went over 600 miles on one charge on a model 3 when out first came out. They averaged around 24mph if I remember correctly.
  20. Tax incentive

    There is nothing pure about politics.