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  1. TFL Says the Cybertruck Will Flop

    I think they have a point? Lol.
  2. New Cybertruck Height Perspective Image ? ?✂️⬇️

    It’s at its lowest level to save Rogans ego lol.
  3. STOP excusing for Elon

    No it doesn’t.
  4. Car & Driver article: Tesla Cybertruck Is Delayed, and We're Not Surprised

    Honestly this Cybertruck rollout is worse than the Bronco roll out. Which is pretty bad.
  5. Edison the bed cover

    This is awesome
  6. Why in the dark

    I’m curious to how you’re taking this stand, you think no information/updates is the right move for Tesla here? That logically makes no sense. By your explanation you make Tesla seem like a lazy and selfish company that doesn’t give a damn about it’s customers. Did I understand that correctly...
  7. The Anger of Tesla Fans Is Becoming a Problem

    I mean Tesla doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation…….

    854hp to start this off. Since elon and co don’t bother to give us reservation holders any damn information.

    75 more than Cybertruck’s that are being produced.
  10. Why in the dark

    I don’t think it’s about crafting some special message, it’s more about keeping your customers in the loop. But Tesla doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to costumer service so I’m not too surprised by not getting updated at all. But it would be nice. Ford is way more communicative...
  11. No CT?

    I mean, there’s quite a few folks wondering if this is just a prank. But we’ll see
  12. Delivery formula

    Ive read some theories on how Tesla will schedule Cybertruck deliveries but I don’t think I’ve came across anything concrete. How is this going to work? I ready somewhere here that if you’re in close proximity to the factory they may prioritize your truck and I live in oklahoma so I’m pretty...
  13. Image of new Cybertruck with a polished stainless steel finish?

    CT looks a lot cooler when you look at it as a tank like suv opposed to a traditional pick up truck imo