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  1. SpaceDoc

    Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV camping trailer with 75kW battery pack

    For those folks saying you can’t take your CT to the backcountry due to range issues, here’s one solution… Also here…...
  2. SpaceDoc

    GM Hummer EV on YouTube

    New vid on YouTube from Marques Brownlee. Hummer EV, 9200 lbs. and 0 - 60 MPH in 3 sec?! ? Still obscene, but slightly less offensive for being electric. LOL! ?
  3. SpaceDoc

    Great Source for EV Consumer and Industry News

    if you’ve never visited the Green Car Reports website, check it out. It’s a great source of news for Tesla and the broader EV market and industry.
  4. SpaceDoc

    Nice Overview of Pros and Cons of EV Ownership Just read this blog post about EV ownership. Having just spent $700 for four tires on my ICE mobile, I hadn't even considered the expense of tires for an EV with all the high torque and my lead foot! Still, the EV pros seem to...
  5. SpaceDoc

    Hydrogen “fool sells” (Nikola Badger)

    There was a recent thread that mentioned the Badger truck by Nikola. It will supposedly be a hybrid of sorts, running on hydrogen fuel cells and batteries. Elon Musk thinks hydrogen is a dumb idea. From an article... “Elon Musk has criticizised a competitor's idea (Hyundai) to...